The Only True Power

It is a day for quiet rejoicing. All days are, but this one is glorious because most of the world feels it. New beginnings, fresh starts, renewed perspectives, feeling innocent and energetic, reconnecting with the original buoyancy of youth! There is no reason not to feel this every day, so it is a good reminder of possibility of the rejoicing in life as a gift in each day. The world needs this energy, not just on this day, but in all moments. The feelings of tired defeat will become just so. The feelings of belief and possibility and hope and renewal are what will change the world. This is a good day to renew your commitment to being a part of the change and creation of the New Earth, reborn by human consciousness followed by inspired and committed action. It is happening. It is a giant wave of optimism and accomplishment and creation that are all fuelled by Love: the only true power in the universe. All other power is false. Keep making your commitment over and over again until there is no doubt, even during the greatest tests. 

Quantum physics has proven that there is a great field of which we are all a part, and that is affected by our consciousness within it. Herein our great power of Love resides. Your greatest gift to yourself and your immediate world and the whole world, is to know that you are a holographic drop in this great sea of Love. All that you are, the All That Is is and all that It Is resides in you. So what more can be said about your role within it than to recognize this and to use Love for the greater good of the whole, because that is who you are? Words cannot touch the magnitude of this truth, so do whatever you can to come to know the truth of this inside…just by going within and conceiving it, feeling it, seeing it, tasting it, knowing it. Then live by it in each moment. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others on this day and all days: to know who you truly are and that you are a conscious contributor to the creation of the ever-growing magnificent world and universe. This is not a platitude; it is a deep and humble truth. 

Light your candle within first, and know that it will inspire others to do the same.

With deep and abiding Love today and all days, we are,

The Council of Light Within it All

*  *  *  *  * 

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