Dean and Rebecca's Story

Polar Opposites

On opposite sides of the planet, we were following parallel paths long before we met. In the same year, both in our late thirties, we came to the end of decade-long relationships to find ourselves alone, cocooning and getting to know our true selves for the first time. While getting on with our lives, we meditated, read, prayed and dreamt of the life of our heart’s desire. Aware of the principles of the law of attraction, we both wrote detailed lists of the attributes of our ideal life partners, making sure of the most crucial part: that we were sure to become each aspect of what was on our list, as there was no point in desiring the other to be mature, funny, beautiful, responsible, creative and adventurous if we weren’t so ourselves! Sometimes we ached in our solitude, but that desire was the fuel for finding a deeper connection to ourselves and to the bigger meaning of life.

Eventually, we got so good at being alone, that we didn’t burn quite so deeply for a partner anymore...which is of course, is just when it happens. A miraculous set of circumstances set up months (years? a lifetime?) in advance, placed us sitting one in front of the other at a conference of over 1,000 people in northern California. And so halfway between our homes, the conversation began. We talked during a break and then hugged, not fully realizing how our lives had changed in that moment!

Inseparable in the days following, we discovered the extraordinary details of the uncanny parallels in our lives: we were both one of five children (three boys, two girls), had parents that were married within six months of each other fifty years prior, a father and grandfather with the same names who were also in the furniture business, our parents drove the same model cars, we'd had previous partners during the same time with major life changes having taken place simultaneously, and on and on!

We shared our original lists just as we began to suspect who the other was: Dean from Sydney, Australia and Rebecca from Schomberg, Ontario. Instead of just a t-shirt, the entire guy came back to Toronto after the conference never to go home again. A bachelor pad on Sydney Harbour to a farm in Schomberg, Ontario in the blink of an eye. Who would have thought?!

We were engaged within ten months early in 2000 and married that summer in a medicine wheel ceremony in Temagami and in a second ceremony six months later in Adelaide, South Australia. It was an incredible beginning to the new millennium! Now our work together as co-founders of HeartLight, is to teach people how to use the law of attraction and other spiritual principles to create the life of their dreams.

In our case, two laws worked for us – the law of attraction AND that of polar opposites!