Welcome To Heartlight's Soul Reflection Cards

Thanks for taking the time to visit us and to explore the mysteries and wisdom of the Soul. These cards were created for the purpose of assisting you in understanding the messages and insight you are constantly receiving from your own Soul.

Your Soul knows why you are here on this Earth and knows your blueprint and purpose for this lifetime. Your mission is to learn and understand the language of the Soul through the reflections you see of yourself in your daily life. As you understand these messages and follow the guidance of your Soul, you learn to embrace life with love and compassion, which ultimately is your purpose.

Suggestions for Using the Soul Reflection Cards

These cards are designed to help you tune into your own intuition and listen to what your Soul is communicating to you. It is recommended to pick one card only for your message as they are not designed to do a spread. The message you receive will help you over a period of several days, depending on how aware you are in your daily life.

Firstly, relax and center yourself ~

Take a moment to focus on your breathing and then with your intention, ask to connect with the essence of your Soul. Go into your heart centre, which is the doorway to the Soul, and feel this connection as best you can. When you are ready you can ask your Soul for any wisdom or guidance which is for your highest good at this time.

Allow your Soul to determine what information is best for you right now, rather than asking a direct question. Often if you have a specific question, the answer can be found in the guidance your Soul is giving you.

Secondly, be open and receptive to the information ~

No matter what guidance is given to you, take some time to reflect on the message and notice the signs that are already present in your life. You may find that the message can take a day or two before it becomes clear to you, so be patient.

Most of all, have fun!

Life is about lightening up and with the help of these cards your Soul is encouraging you to have fun and see through the limitations you have put on yourself with a sense of humour.