Counselling & Healing Sessions

Our life purpose is all the same:
to evolve into a greater expression of ourselves and our heart's desires.  The key is to always choose to be more than what we are currently experiencing and to express more of the love that we already are!

~ Dean Noblett

Philosophy of Healing

From day to day most of us find ourselves juggling our situations and trying to find some form of balance in the four main aspects of our lives: relationships, health, career and finances. It is always one or more of these areas we are striving to "conquer" in order to find satisfaction and happiness.

Through the challenges we face on our journey, we are always presented with an opportunity to learn about how we find ourselves in these places of struggle. In fact, what we are faced with on a daily basis is symbolically reflecting back to us the constant internal struggle we are wrestling with inside ourselves. Our internal world creates our external experience. We find that our attitudes, state of mind, self-esteem and feelings of worthiness relate to our lack or abundance thinking and ultimately if we see the opportunites presented in all situations. And so the source of all happiness has to come from within.

When we gain a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here, we become empowered to make positive change and find happiness through the joy of co-creation. So ask yourself: if I could change any aspect of my life right now, what would it be? This is where you begin.

Counselling & Healing Session

In these enlightening and life enhancing sessions, we assist you to uncover the mental and emotional blocks that create the current challenges in your life. By understanding these limitations, you are able to focus more on what you truly desire. As intuitive Reiki Masters, we assist you to heal yourself and find the answers to your own questions. The better you understand yourself and are able to take responsiblity on your journey, the more balance you will create which transforms into a greater life experience.

Through this gentle, relaxing process we connect with your higher self in this combination personal counselling, hands-on healing and intuitive guidance session so that you are supported energetically, intellectually and spiritually to eliminate the blocks to your true mastery. Reiki healing puts the body in a very relaxed and calm state allowing the immune system to function at its fullest capacity so that optimal healing at a physical level is possible.

Sessions with Dean or Rebecca are available, and typically last 90 minutes. The fee is $120 ($150 for a two-hour session). Twin flame sessions are available as outlined below.

Twin Flame Healing Session

As twin souls, Dean and Rebecca share a unique collaboration for healing, to balance the masculine and feminine aspects and provide an expanded healing experience from our heart to yours. During the session, Rebecca creates a soul portrait sketch especially for you.

90-minute session with soul portrait colour sketch is $200

Client Comments

"Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how I was doing...FANTASTIC!! In fact, better than fantastic, I have never felt better or more alive in a couple of years. Each day, it just keeps getting better. The arthritis in my hands and feet is starting to clear up. My pain is gone, but most importantly, my spirit is alive once again, and my heart is bursting almost every minute of the day. This is all more than I expected really, more than I could have imagined. Thank you Dean, for being there for me."

"Thank you for giving me back myself!"

"I have been trying to identify how I feel this morning ~ I had a nice sleep last night, and today I feel... content...I also feel STRONG and BIG, but CONTENT is the best lovely is that?!"

"You have re-opened a door for me that has been closed for some time. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me in a couple of hours. I know, with all that I am, our meeting was destined. You were what I needed at the right time. However, I'm still amazed how these things happen! I'm very opened and hungry to know what you and your wife are teaching, and would like to learn more. I'm still digesting my experience, and will keep in touch.   Thank you again!"

If you are interested in speaking with Dean or Rebecca about a Counselling or Healing Session, contact them at 905-939-1071 or by email at