Reiki Training

The Usui Method of Universal Energy Healing

Every person on this planet has the universal life force energy moving through them, as we are in fact a part of that energy. Reiki (ray-key) means universal life force energy. This is our connection to each other and to all that is. This life force is pure unconditional love and is unlimited in its potential to love, heal and create. It is only our programming of lack, limitation and negativity that we choose which creates the challenges in our physical world. We also live in a reality of free will, which means we determine through our choices the life we experience. The universal life force does not interfere with this but rather co-creates with us from what we believe inside of ourselves. Of course there are many intricate factors that also influence our life experiences, but all are intertwined on this most sacred of journeys.

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful healing modality that transforms far more than the physical level. This gentle, loving process also enhances the mind, our emotions and spiritual awareness, bringing our four-body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) into balance and aligning to our higher self or soul, which is essential in supporting our ability to heal ourselves.

Being attuned to Reiki energy is a sacred and empowering experience and is often life changing. In order to assist and heal others we must first heal ourselves. This is a universal truth. Working in service with the universal life force energy is both humbling and rewarding, and offers opportunities to be of service to others who are in need.

Transmitting this energy through their hands and with an open heart, the attuned Reiki practitioner is then able to flow this energy to others providing comfort, balance and healing where it is required.

Reiki Level I ~ The Alignment

Reiki level one is a gentle process of aligning your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy systems to that of the universal life force energy. This alignment helps you release what is no longer for your highest good providing healing where needed and brings clarity into your awareness about who you are and what you truly desire from your heart. An integration of this healing energy with your energy system also enables you to facilitate ongoing healing for yourself and others who are in need. Become more aligned to your true essence and open yourself to experience more love in your life, when you learn and experience the power of Reiki.

Full-day certificate program, including manual and light lunch, $250 all inclusive

Reiki Level II ~ The Keys

Reiki second level is a fun day that includes an additional attunement that realigns you to Source energy and enhances one's psychic abilities and intuition. You also receive more information on the many uses of Reiki and how you can apply it in many areas of your life as well as the sacred symbols for tapping into the full potential of the energy. You will also learn the distant healing technique giving you the ability to send healing energy to anyone, anywhere on the planet and also to the past and to the future. Become a certified healer through the process of Reiki II where at this level you are qualified to begin your own Reiki practice if you are drawn to do so.

Full-day certificate program, including manual and light lunch, $250 all inclusive

Reiki Level III ~ The Gateway

This next step towards Reiki mastery provides an opportunity to do some energy clearing, releasing and healing while learning some in-depth practices and techniques for yourself as a healer. You will receive a refresher attunement to re-align and boost your four body system and then participate in a powerful group healing session that will free you to become more of who you already are. This is an integral part of raising your awareness to more evolved levels and inspiring others to do the same.

Full-day certificate program, including light lunch, $250

Becoming a Reiki Master

At HeartLight we work with you to design a personalized program of development toward your Reiki Mastery to encourage your natural healing ability, while contiuing your own journey towards enlightenment. This unique one-on-one program takes place over a period of months and includes ongoing instruction, healing sessions and support. Extensive personal growth is assured as this journey is about coming into your own mastery so that you can be the best you can at all times!

Contact Dean or Rebecca for more information and to arrange an orientation meeting.

Comments from Reiki Students

"I went to Dean and Rebecca's Reiki courses uneducated on the topic, but curious. The process Dean takes the group through is effortless and yet the results were incredible! The environment at HeartLight is so serene; they were the two most inwardly peaceful days I can remember having. Being one that didn't see myself as a healer or intuitive, this course shattered that paradigm and Dean showed how the principles and techniques can be used in every area of life. It was powerful and life-changing."

~ Kelly Kime, Real Estate Agent

"HeartLight provides a peaceful, safe and supportive setting for students to learn and explore Reiki. They present Reiki concepts and practices clearly and simply while conveying great respect for both the subject and the student. Dean and Rebecca encourage feedback and make themselves readily available to all students for post class advice. They provide students with excellent course manuals which minimizes the need for note taking and serves as a valuable resource for future reference. Dean and Rebecca's spiritual foundation shines through all they do and I highly recommend them as teachers and a mentors."

~ Dale McKay, Owner, WindSpirit Wisdom & Wonders, Orillia

"Over the last few years I have been on a journey that has guided me to wonderful people and experiences. Dean and Rebecca are two people on this journey that have allowed me to experience so much more. It is now clear to me that I am on the pathway to becoming a spiritual healer. HeartLight has, and continues to be, an integral part of this journey. Through HeartLight, I have taken Reiki courses to align myself to the universal life force and have benefited greatly. The journey continues with greater clarity thanks to the guidance and courses that Dean and Rebecca offer at HeartLight."

~ Aaron Lasota, Newmarket (when he's not travelling the world!)

"Taking my Reiki II level training with HeartLight has been an incredible experience. I took it years ago with another instructor, and got nothing out of it. In fact I let my belief in my Reiki talent slide. My family has always thought Dean's Reiki treatments extraordinary. My attunement with Dean was no different. This attunement has opened the energy flow to such an extent that I cannot resist Reiki-ing everything I see! He made learning and understanding the symbols easy. Life looks and feels rosey again. I can feel the whole family dynamics shifting - for the better! Thanks for unleashing a talent in me I never truly accepted."

~ Jessica Morrison, Feng Shui Consultant, Maple

If you are interested in speaking with Dean or Rebecca about Reiki training, contact them at 905-939-1071 or by email at