Rebecca Couch

Spiritual Teacher and Visionary Artist

Rebecca Couch is a visionary artist whose gift and passion is working with individuals and groups to counsel and teach the application of spiritual principles in everyday life. Also an intuitive writer and channel, Rebecca writes messages from The Council of Light and also combines her love of teaching spiritual principles with creating symbolic images both in writing and painting (called Soul Portraits) that assist others in greater understanding of themselves and their current path.

Rebecca's formal study includes an honours bachelor's degree in Art History and over twenty-five years experience working in public art museums. Love of art and a desire to better understand the human experience through art has been a mainstay in her life. Her formal metaphysical studies include certificates in Reiki Mastery, Transpersonal Counselling, Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym). She is the co-founder, with her husband Dean Noblett, of HeartLight - Living from the Heart, a centre of metaphysical study that includes personal counselling, meditation classes, Reiki courses, spiritual art classes, sacred journeys and a specialized Mastery Mentoring Program. Hundreds of students have benefited from these programs since it was founded in 2000.

In addition, she has participated in many workshops and conferences in the US and Canada hosted by Dr. Joshua David Stone, Patricia Cota-Robles, Dr. Marcia Dale-Lopez, Dr. Norma Malonovich, Dr. Michael Mirdad, Gregg Braden and many others.

A Personal Note

Art has been my first love since I was a young child - I have always called myself an artist. The art teacher and studio of every school was always my favourite. I have always loved handling the materials and the self-discovery process of making art. In university in Colorado, I began studying studio work and in the first month, got completely hooked on studying art history, particularly the Italian Renaissance, and ended by studying in Florence in the fall of 1980.

After school, I immigrated to Canada worked for twenty-five years working in public art galleries. It seemed that I was good at being around art, but not producing myself as much as I desired. While I have been a life-long dreamer and quester, my intent focus on self-discovery and the spiritual path began well over twenty years ago. Every book I read, person I met, course I took, and healer I went to, assisted me to become more of my authentic self, and most importantly, to understand the greater picture. And it never ends!

Now in my late forties, I am creating the life of my dreams. I am more at peace with myself, in true partnership with my husband Dean and in my work, now integrating my two loves ~ art and spirit. Through the founding of our business, HeartLight, Dean and I unite all that we most love: teaching, learning, healing, and creating. My Soul Portraits integrate my love of art and writing, while supporting the growth of others and co-creating with spirit to produce works of art that bless and heal others. Of course, the process of writing and painting each portrait also blesses me and supports my own growth. Messages from The Council of Light do the same: through creating, I am able to help others. Bliss!

With three countries figuring so strongly in our lives, we are planning sacred journeys to Australia, the US and in Canada, incorporating expanded teaching, creating, healing and learning experiences on the journeys.

The focus of our lives is to know the incredible beauty and gift of each day and the true abundance in which we all live, and to write, teach and create in order to share what we have come to know with others. And the magical journey continues!

Rebecca Couch, HeartLight