Are you searching for guidance and direction, or answers to some important questions? These messages, received for you through Rebecca from The Council of Light, provide inspiration and guidance for this time in your life, as well as your overall purpose in this lifetime.

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The following are examples of Soul Readings, usually about 1000 words in length:

A Priestess, a Warrior, a Shaman and a Monk Chanting to the Heavens

You have done a brilliant job with your work in this life. It is like you desire a performance review and you are receiving it. You have been diligent in your efforts, and sound in your results. You have been kind and shown tremendous perseverance in times of trial. You have been a true spiritual warrior, but it appears more like Joan of Arc! You are a priestess and a warrior and a shaman and a monk chanting to the heavens. All of these mantles are yours. You have led many and helped many and conquered the territory and slain the beasts. You deserve a grand badge of honour, so receive it well. Honour yourself for what you have accomplished. Raise your glass at the feast and know deep in your heart that all you have done has made a profound difference and you matter - it matters - and it is done.

Now it is the time for true humility. For nothing is outside you now. Nothing will satisfy you as it once did in the material world. Your transition to the higher dimension has taken place...that is why you feel so complete. You have graduated. You can walk the halls of your alma mater, but you no longer reside there or have cause to enter the classroom. (Except to return, as required, to teach.) Because you are detached from the previous place where your external sustenance was being met - your learning - you do not need to go there for the same purpose anymore. You are free. And actually, you are free as you have long desired. Having become the eminence of Christed light, you are everything now, and carry it with you. You are the turtle that carries your home with you. You are your home. And so your calling is wherever your heart calls you... wherever your love is needed at this time. You have become a free agent, a consultant, a prophet, a roving light of the Divine. Allow yourself this freedom. So all you really need do is to be this free agent, so that there are no parameters, no boundaries to where your light can be taken. The entire experience and purpose becomes unified with the Will of God and you are His Agent! Human Angel...should you choose to accept this mission...(which of course, you already have!)

So a change in self-perception is all that is required at this time. The body aches and feeling of tiredness is the result of transmuting old energies caused by resistance that are being cleared in the pulsing light supporting you. Like birthing pains, you are being freed one contraction at a time. It is okay. Allow. Breathe. Keep going. Self-care is paramount at this time. High resonance water, body movement, rest, high vibration foods, solitude in line with your highest know what to do. Because your physical morphing is still in deep transition, it is important that all you do is by choice and not done with resistance. This is the most unloving thing for you right now. So do it if you will do it with grace and presence, and if not, stay in conscious repose where that happens for you best - at home, in the forest, by the water - wherever you are nourished in the light. Complete Presence of Spirit - no matter what - over the mind is required. The mind is no longer falsely in charge ("beware false prophets") in the higher realms, it rightly serves the heart. Experience your life now dominated by your heart, with your little mind in check. Become an expression of The Big Mind.

The Heart is Your True Source

Know that this is true; you are beautiful. Take that in. Feel the truth of that inside of you. Keep feeling that. This is the Grace of God. Go you! Know that, no matter what, you are not alone. With the real feelings of this Presence within you, now breathe deep and find the essence of trust. This trust is the great surrender to the Divine Plan for you. The easiest way to describe this is to say you are not in charge. At the highest level, it is not for you to decide or do, for it is already done. You have nothing to worry about. You have nothing to fear, nor do you have anything to remember except one thing: where is your connection? Where is your consciousness? Where is your allegiance? This is a feeling state, that when you have it sealed in every aspect of your being (the seven sacred seals are your primary chakra energy centres), then you have aligned, by your conscious choice, to your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose is to live in a constant state of remembrance. And this is the truth of who you are! This is your Divine Purpose.

And so when you are in a constant state of remembrance of who you are, which is the Divine expression of your Godsource on Earth, then it is easier to accept the external shifting of Earthly life. When you think of the transformation of light that has taken place within you, of course your external world must rearrange itself to accommodate your new vibration. This is a cause for celebration at a soul level! This is a deeper realization of your truth in conscious expression. Your human personality and the Earthly rules and the old paradigms of worry about what people think and that things are not working the way they "should" by those old definitions, is a painful time - but only to that aspect of yourself that is holding onto the old human rules and paradigms. Know what we mean? Your Divine Self is celebrating the greater expression of you! The mistake that is made is to continue to look outside yourself for reassurance or truth or what to "do". It does not come from there. It comes from in here. It comes from keeping, no matter what, your connection with a loving, open heart to Divine Source that is expressed in you. Feel it. Your brain is secondary. Your thoughts are there to help you process your feelings into concepts, but stay in the heart. The heart is where the truth lies and where your pilot light burns with your truth. Keep your mind in check. Keep your mind from controlling you, for the mind only processes information from the past, for it cannot know the future. It is only a processor, like a computer. But the heart, the heart is your true source. Take dominion over your mind. This is what meditation helps with, along with music, laughter, friends, family, animals, nature... all this is to keep you heart-centred.

Heal the wounds of your heart. The sadnesses, the fears, the hurts, the yearning, the wounds - for these are all from the past. Do this by asking for this to be so. Be willing to let go of what has hurt you, in your known an unknown experience. Let love in. Choose to be otherwise. Allow forgiveness to permeate your being so that it becomes compassion. Ask for the compassion of the Buddha. Ask to know mercy like Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene. Ask for the courage of David. Call upon the lion to stand by you. And the lamb to be in your arms. Call upon peace in your being.

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