To my delight, Rebecca connected with my true nature to create my soul portrait. It was a gift from myself to myself through her hand.

~ Mary Graham, Kleinburg, Ontario

I have combined the three things I love ~ art, writing and spiritual development ~ to make my heart soar in the creation of soul portraits. I have always been an artist, and studied art history in university, followed by working in an art museum for twenty years, and for as many years pursuing spiritual studies. Dean and I founded HeartLight to help encourage, support and promote the spiritual growth of others, in a variety of ways through music, inspirational texts, meditating, praying, fun, laughter, play and creativity. Soul Portraits, both written and painted, encourage the recipient to be more of their awesome selves that they may live the dream of their hearts and thereby create more peace in their lives and on the planet.

The following examples of Soul Portraits have helped others in a myriad of ways. The written portrait message from their own soul has encouraged and supported them on their path. If this speaks to you as a way to listen to your own soul, I would be delighted to create a Soul Portrait for you.

Your soul expresses perfection at all times, and it is our job in this lifetime to align our entire conscious being with it's message. Living now, being joyful, ever expansive, expressing unconditional love and being free are other great ways to start!


How Your Portrait is Created

Soul connection takes place through our hearts, where I intuitively receive a message related to your life experience at this time. Your soul shares a series of images with me that create a story from which your soul portrait is created.

Your soul's written and painted message will assist you in understanding and recognizing your full potential and magnificence. It will create greater clarity in your life. The imagery and words are a constant reminder and guide to encourage you to more fully express the pure essence of all that you truly are. Your soul knows ~ and now so will you!

Details of Your Portrait Commission

Commission a portrait for yourself or as a unique gift for someone special!

Portraits are $350 for a 12 x 16" matted watercolour (16 x 20" matt size) and $475 for a large 24 x 30" unmatted watercolour. All paper is acid-free.

Acrylic on canvas portraits are also available (18" x 24" for $750 or 24" x 30" for $1,000). Oil on canvas is also available upon special request for an additional $200.

Your written portrait is printed on certificate paper (also suitable for framing) and placed inside an acetate sleeve with cardboard backing.

Framing is available upon request at additional costs. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the commission. Full payment is required upon commission and all prices are in Canadian funds.

Allow a minimum of four weeks for completion, assuming your commission is at the top of the waiting list. You do not need to be present for the portrait. Simply send your full name and address (or that of the recipient) and full payment in advance by using the "Sign Up" button below.

I will confirm your commission and the estimated time of completion upon receipt of payment. I will also give you an estimate of the shipping costs, if required.

I look forward to creating your unique Soul Portrait!



To book your commission, contact Rebecca at 905-939-1071 or

To send a deposit or make your final payment for your portrait, you may send a cheque by mail (payable to Rebecca Couch, 92 Church Street, Schomberg, Ontario, L0G 1T0) or use this secure on-line payment option: