Turning Points


Do whatever you can to feel yourself. That is, not what is coming at you, but that which is within you. It is time to move the energy the other direction, for you can no longer be primarily subject to what pummels you. This has always been the pursuit of the spiritual seeker, but now more than ever, you are bombarded with external stimulus, especially to inspire internal presence. But now, there is only one way to survive it: inside. The fortitude spawned there will grow into deep knowing and bold strength born from the rightful place. It is time to turn things around so the world can turn things around. The same force that comes at you is met but steely strength, for right always overcomes might. Good prevails.

Folklore has affirmed this for centuries, that the path of the warrior is long and winding, fraught with trials and tribulations to surmount so that the small, still voice within becomes the beacon to victory and the return to The Shire: HOME: Heaven on Mother Earth. We all walk it and we all have the opportunity to prevail, no matter what is thrown at us - no matter how brief, each serves a propulsion, a contraction and expansion of evolution. It is the Earthly game, the purpose for all, to participate in all expressions, to move the process forward, into participatory evolution where good prevails because that is the free will choice of man. We have dabbled enough in the “evil” part to witness its wrongful power over, and now it is for us to choose otherwise. It is not a matter of dispelling or resisting or shunning evil, it is a matter of simply not giving it our choice, our attention, our focus. As each makes that free will choice, it no longer needs to surge to teach us. We find the middle path within duality and thereby disempower it. Through the eye of the needle we turn ourselves inside out. As each makes this transformational choice, it sets the precedence for others to do the same. Energy follows intention, so we all can go through the turning point together. Mass quotient. And you never know how close we are to it, so we must not surrender, and always expect that it is imminent. Anticipating wonderful to happen is a high frequency creative state; hold that expectancy in your heart often. It is helpful and hopeful and positive - and delicious fruit will be born from it.

Do whatever you can to dispel fear. Its original purpose was to get you going on matters of importance, and now that you know what it is (know thyself) there is nothing outside of you that has control over you. Nothing can beat you down, nothing can overcome you, nothing rules but you. Take dominion means of yourself, which means you will have a deep divine communion there. Nothing else matters more, and all things arise from this. What you fear constricts you from this richness and you need only to breathe yourself there. Silly you. You are so busy being tense and constricted battling what is coming at you that you forget your ultimate power is to just close your eyes and breathe and tap into the boundless power that no force can overcome. Again, stuff of all legends you are.

We are all creators. Remember we are promised that we were created in His image and can do as much as He and more? Remember that all of our needs are perfectly cared for and we receive by giving and give by receiving? It is deeply transformational to consciously participate in creative energy exchange for the upliftment of others. This is everyone’s purpose and how divinity is expressed in action. To whom much is given, much is expected. All you need do is keep the energy flowing – receive, give, receive, give, receive, give and receive. As you are lifted up, all others are also lifted.

Be kindness. To yourself especially, as your relationship there is the most important of all. Your life journey has battered you and made you attach to the outside for everything, when this precious, delicate, masterful, extraordinary, magical, enduring being is inside waiting for you to show up. Be gentle and kind there first, and once that is made soft again woven with silken threads (one of the softest and toughest in nature) then you will be the same in your relationship with the world. Peace begins within. If everyone started here, the world would know peace. It is time to start at home to find HOME.

Forgive it all. Once you are no longer battling the world and soften within, then you realize it is all an expression of you anyway. So best to forgive it and yourself and it significantly contributes to diminishing fear (why would you ever be hurt again?) and conscious creation (why would you ever do anything wrong?) and kindness is simply the best way to be (no more beating yourself or others up).

Start over. It is never too late nor are you ever too far along to begin again. Keep it simple and keep the goal clear. It is easy when you keep it easy. Nothing matters more than the simplicity in each moment. Live from there.

We are forever with you and forever in your court. Love prevails. Love prevails. Love prevails.

The Council of Light Within



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