For Now, Begin


Keep building your inner life. The stronger it is, the stronger you will be, and this is very important now. And of course, the only way this can be done in the fullness of the conscious moment, where you are to live. There is no past, no future, only now…live there. This sounds like simple wisdom, but it takes conscious, deliberate effort to accomplish. Let this be your sole focus now. And then now. And now again. Now.

When your inner life is solid and formed with great beauty and care and deliberate awareness, your outer world will comply. Even though life has been beautiful, you have no idea what is possible in conscious creation. You are a beginner here, so dedicate yourself to this. Begin simply and never stop…for you have powerful and masterful co-creating ability. Doing so with alignment to your heart’s full capabilities creates miracles. So begin now in miraculous creation. 

Set the stage like a movie producer, write the script, design the stage, imagine the players, dedicate to its message and purpose, direct the outcome, advertise the product and celebrate at its opening! When you think small, so are your creations. Why not think like the great creators among you and draw a great power for good, aligned with highest outcome for all? Be the creative wizard that you are. So expand in the moment and dream without limitations: write it, draw it, colour it and bring it to life like an animator. Expand your heart to magnetize and project it into the world of form that it may uplift, inspire, heal, expand, bless and enrich others. Let it be for their glory too and your hearts will soar together, as they are designed to do!

Thinking small only limits your creation, so don’t let there be edges to your pages. Create 360! Allow for help and input and inspiration to come in 360, for this is not a solitary venture. Your dreaming is solitary, but the execution is not. Let the natural laws do their thing in support of your creation and watch the magic happen. You are not alone, nor could you ever be. Get on about your business, God’s business.

But for now, begin. Allow the preparation of the garden and dream the seeds to plant. You will be amazed at what a little water and sunshine will do.

We are forever in your stead.

The Council of Light Within


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