Forge Ahead

The electrical feelings you are experiencing are like rewiring or a battery being reconfigured and charged. It can be very uncomfortable if you resist it, so keep affirming that you are in accordance with your upgrades, for it is what you have requested. Focus always on the positive outcomes of intense energy, not of what it changes in order to evolve. Resistance is futile and causes you unnecessary discomfort, and even pain. Allow. Do you intend to increase your frequency, your receptivity, your sensitivity and your transmissions? Then you must be in accord with necessary upgrades to your intricate systems. Rather than considering the discomfort of the rewiring, focus on its intended outcome to refine your beacon of light to higher capabilities that start from the ground up. 

And so, what do you intend to do with your new self? Continue to serve as a way shower, a light bearer, a co-creator, an inspirator, a mentor, a leader, a peacemaker, and a game-changer? So just get on about your envisioning and embodiment (literal) of these continued roles. Energy follows intention, so get on about your business! 

Yes, the world is falling apart in order to build itself whole again. If you focus on the destruction, it will take you down with it. As a server of the light, you have a vital and opposite role. You are being charged (literal) with the energy to rise above the ashes (literal) and hold the vision of what you are creating instead. The opposing forces are merely what you don’t want, so consider them only as bounce points to steer you in the clear, right, true, inspired, miraculously magnificent direction. Your focus is not on the sides of the road, but on the destination…filled with light and all potential. Your will to focus on the outcome brings pioneering inspiration for many. Do not falter and check your self-indulgences to a minimum for brief nourishment only, for it is time to steady ahead. You have admired the early explorers and pioneers for their vision, strength and perseverance in the face of great adversity…so tap into that magma as you forge ahead, for indeed this is what you are doing. As blind as they were without signposts, maps and communication, you are also creating a world that doesn’t seem possible. Walk anyway. Remember your greatest gift of co-creation and that you exist within the field of infinite possibility, for it is vital to use your creative energies now. Use your inner vision to dream it, use your heart to feel it and to be grateful for it as it already exists. Persevere in the creation of what you know is possible. Know that what you dream of is also what everyone desires. Know that many join you in the caravan of creation…you are never alone. The strongest yearnings of peace, love, harmony, growth, vitality, safety, expansion, abundance are matched by each soul. So you say, who am I to lead a civilization out of bondage? Use the newly rewired, powerful love force that you are to create for yourself with the intention of benefitting others and it will be so. One at a time will share your inspiration, and one at a time will be free. Knowing that you are bonded by the infinite field of possibility, you are one of The One anyway. What you do for your one inspires the whole. 

We join you in your pioneering quest and encourage your continued perseverance and dedication to creation - all for One, one for all!

The One Council of Light Within All


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