Love Yourself Free

Dear Beautiful Ones,

It is always an honour to connect with you in this way. Other than continuing to develop a deep connection with your True Inner Self, there is nothing more important than coming together in consciousness for the purposes of love and growth. You are your own heroes now…this can be a challenging transition to make, when it seemed so much easier to chase them outside of yourself, but it was a falsehood. This is what it means to not worship false idols or prophets. You are the One. It is You! And so, yes, there is a seeming fall from grace when “they” no longer satisfy you…but the real beauty lies in this truth. The REAL True Love is who you are. It is not an unattainable platitude, it is simply THE TRUTH. It is You. You Are the One you have been looking for, there is no other. You can run if you like, but as you have already learned, the path just circles around! 

And so then what do you do?  You stop. Really stop. You reflect. You release the old attachments and beliefs and preoccupations, for they no longer satisfy. You allow yourself to be sequestered until you immerse in your own frequency, something you have not done enough of before now! You rest. You take loving care of yourself as if you are precious, until you realize that you are. You forgive yourself and others and release the past, for it no longer has a hold on you. Feel the feelings and bless them for all they have taught you on your perfect journey to now, and then let it all go. It is done. 

Face the other way, towards the sunshine, and ignite the new. Then you become more of the kindness, the grace, the intelligence, the spirit, the character, the explorer, the inquirer and the creator than ever before!  There is a presence in your heart that never leaves you now. You are on a solitary journey imbued with a New Love that draws to you all that is like it…and the glorious path unfolds before you. Nothing holds you down or back as it did before when you sought outside yourself for sustenance. It comes from YOU now, and its charge is untiring. You will find that your guidance system has completely changed as a result…you are no longer a victim of chance external influences…you are in charge and inspired by your own Divine GPS…now connected to Infinite Source. By this, all creation happens. By this, you are finally free. 

As your fuel and guidance system has changed, so has your creation arena. It is just that, at this moment, the old system is dysfunctional and failing, and the new system is not fully operational yet! You are caught on the bridge. It is a time of detachment, rest and renewal and infusing of the new Self Love Vibe. Do not fall victim to old thinking, allow yourself to dream…to consider what would bring you immense peace and joy, what would expand and explode your magnificence! Dream like a child who knows no limitation and is not deterred by any current dysfunction. Return to innocent dreaming in daring hope and complete trust. What you have to lose otherwise is far too precious to wager. Be gentle with yourself, for you are precious, even though you feel a little beaten up by life until now. That’s okay, love yourself free from there.

Surrender and Trust will continue to be your allies…as you learn to allow the inspiration from Infinite Source in each moment to guide you. Magic and synchronicity and beauty and peace will continue to unfold around you, for you experience that which you radiate. There is no greater purpose than this, except that you will continue to be deeply inspired to be in the stream of creation of the new, greater, higher ways of being, for yourself, your family, your community and the world. We will each play an important part in its unfolding, and each will play their perfect part of the whole. As we each refine the magnificent sound coming from our own instrument, the great symphony is prepared. Right now it feels a bit like the orchestra in disharmonious tuning…but await the pause of unified silence…and just imagine the majestic sound of unification as the concert begins!

Beloveds, we are always with you; continue to connect inside to know this is true.

The Council of Light Within



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