Lovevirus 2020

Dear Beloveds,

We are always with you, for it is impossible to separate: the difference is that we remain open no matter what, and you can close like a clamshell anytime you are afraid. This was a natural response to trauma, but we are asking you to heal enough, to dare enough, to remain open no matter what. There is an extraordinary amount of debris flying around you, like the flotsam of a tornado. This is only increasing with the shake up energies that no longer tolerate the falsehoods…so you must get better and better at holding your ground. The only answer to this is to build your internal life to make it rich and strong and clear and holy and treasured so that you will stand guard for it while the shift hits the fan. It is the only way you will remain connected and true to your real self during the storm. Hold still and radiate what is truly yours. You will be your own strong lighthouse on the cliff amidst the winds, and you will also be a light for others who are lost and have no bearing. Do whatever you can do to cultivate this strength…whatever recipe that works for you, seeded by self-love, but look for it most in a deep, quiet inner feeling. It is like your pilot light, your deep connection, your single point of stillness, your still, small voice within.  The more you connect with it, the more it grows and the more it becomes and guides you. This is what you have been looking for outside, that has always been within you. Cultivate it until there is no separation between it and you, and consequently All That Is. You’ve got the hardware and the wireless connection, the software development is up to you!

Within that ever-expanding connection, you will find deeper and deeper truths about yourself and the world around you. Your innate GPS system is being developed and all of your greater sensitivities and abilities are heightened. You continue to use them more and the world around you shifts as you use your gifts of intuition, instinct, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and many other clairs you begin to utilize. They are completely natural to everyone, but have been forgotten because these abilities were shut down because of fear. It is time to wake up now and BE all that you are designed to be…and it is oh-so-much-more than you ever imagined.

Above all, yearn for the truth. The course of your shutting down over the centuries was initiated by fear, but it was also perpetuated by it as it was most often used to control, suppress, oppress and depress you. The shackles have been broken, but it is you who must wake up, stand up and rebuild yourself based on the core of who you are, which is LOVE. Love will no longer tolerate being oppressed in any form. Love forgives the past and love heals with deep compassion and forgiveness. Love is not blind or ignorant, nor does it allow itself to falter back into submission. Love rebirths and does whatever it can to create an environment of more love in order for others to safely come to their love realization. Then it can propagate. Do whatever you can to participate in spreading the Lovevirus. Let your natural immune system radiate such high frequency of love that it is the only contagion there is! 

The best antidote is always love. The best cure is always love. The best vaccine is only love. The best immune booster is love.  Find it within, cultivate it, spread it and be it. Love is all there is. Ask for love to heal you. Ask for love to guide you. Ask what love would do in this situation. Ask love to help you find the answers you seek. Ask love for peace, strength, grace, joy, healing, freedom. Since you are the programmer of your own software, it is up to you to find the blips in the program and openly download the high frequency new one. Then you will begin to experience your own co-creative ability to manifest heaven -  even right here, right now, and especially - in the midst of the storm. 

We are here to remember who we really are, so why wouldn’t we be responsible for creating what we know to be true and deeply yearn for?  Who on Earth else would it be?  Begin within.

We are forever your inspirators, your guides and your greatest support. Why wouldn’t we be, for we are you!

The Council of Light Within




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