It is the time of going within. The stronger your light inside, the more resilience you will have to maneuver the outer world. So, you know what to do: breathe, calm, ground, open your heart and crown and receive the light to expand. Stay anchored in Mother Earth, for she is transforming, and you are riding with her. The outer world is spinning off what is lower density so we must surrender our attachment to it. While not fully understanding what that means, our willingness is important to ease the transition. So, watch your investment in outer world dramas and chaos with detachment…the more energy it takes from you, the more you need to replenish to remain balanced. Keep a watch on that meter!

You can feel that these are powerful days of transformation, caused by a myriad of alignments, all profound whether numerologic, energetic, planetary, earthly, physiologic. You are being bombarded with frequencies that will assist in this transformation. Keep riding high on the waves and do not let them sink you. If you start to feel overwhelmed, go within and recalibrate. You are sovereign. You are that light, so allow it. Allow it to bend and mold and charge you. When your brain gets tangled in trying to decode what is going on while the structures collapse, withdrawal or you will go down with them. If you have chosen to rise with the light, this is not the direction to go! Ground. Centre. Breathe. You are more guided and protected and inspired than you can even imagine now, so also trust that, even blindly.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up; it is the contrary. It means you actually know your own truth and honour it by not participating in anything that goes against it. Surrender to – allow – only what is right and true for you. In this self-honouring, your frequency is established and all that is in alignment with it will arrive. This is the sorting of the wheat from the chaff so to speak, the time of reckoning. You must choose your stance, your place, your right, your freedom, your dignity, your sovereignty and all that is your resonance. All else will come to you. Watch the miracles arrive. Do not waiver, no matter what is taking place in the outside world. You are you. You are true.

All of the rules you know apply and self-care is of utmost importance. This is how you calibrate yourself in each moment to adjust to the radically changing frequencies. And keep an eye on your energetic exertion meter and intake needs to be predominant now. Call on help from the etheric planes of the highest resonance and keep in close touch with your intimate support team. This is the lightworker Olympics now…and the warriors of the light must be maintained and calibrated for optimal performance. Rest, regroup, recalibrate, rejuvenate, all towards rebirth.

From this place of stillness anchored within, you can witness the falling of the outer structures in a calm way. This strength will be needed for others to witness as this kind of conviction is contagious. Like being in the presence of a Yogi. You are your own Yogi, and as a result, are the Yogi example for others. Yoda had it right all along! Breathe yourself through this rebirthing process, and don’t push. Allow. Surrender. You’ve got this.

 We are forever strong in our presence for you,

The Council of Light Within


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