Honour It Forward

Beautiful One,

It is with honour that we connect with you now in these times of radical change on Mother Earth. For those who have chosen the way of the light, the way of the sovereign, the way of the Masters, inspired by love, this journey will be miraculous. Those miracles will come in a myriad of small and significant ways, for it is true that there is no measure of miracles. It is important to align with the expectation of miracles, for they are arising from the dust of transformation. It has been a constant process of releasing the old imprisoning energies from a place of deep trust that the new, indeed will arise. And this is beginning to show now; it is just that you are a little weather worn to see it! But trust that as the dust settles and the new sun rises, that you will see – one by one – the profound changes that have taken place. There is no turning back. The awakening continues at levels unique and equal to each soul experiencing it. So, patience, non-judgement and love are all aspects of the living compassion required from you now. Nothing less is accepted in the New Earth. Do not pass go without it.

Many around you will be spinning at the rate they have accomplished until this time. Some will spin up and some will spin out and some will spin down. Yours is not to judge, but to hold compassion for you have been there. They are you. So, loving this spinning out every which way version of yourself to receive what you needed at that time: unconditional love, grace, kindness, reassurance, gentle healing, etc. You have come first in order to assist the others across the bridge to knowing and love. You are the living Master of Compassion that others were for you, either in body or out. There is a great graduation taking place, so as you honour those before you, you learned to honour yourself, and now you assist those around you with the same honouring. Honour it forward, you could say. And so you have graduated too…to be the Earth Angel, the Living Master, the Wise One, the Magician, the Alchemist, the Healer, the Wayshower, the Witch, the Shaman, the Mystic who creates magic in the world and is there to help, to heal, to teach, to create and to inspire others to do the same. It is time. The impediments continue to be removed from your freedom of expression…you will only become more and more free in the time to come. So, begin now. Live free.

Whatever it is that your heart desires, seek. Allow it to expand beyond boundaries. Let your mind follow.  Unconditional love has no restriction and it is time to explore this truth. The greatest miracle of all will be the experiencing of all that has been kept from you by deliberate imprisonment, but there is nothing more imprisoning than the bird that cannot fly even when the cage has been opened. Fly and inspire others to fly. It is time!

We are always here to inspire you to be more than you know. With abiding love, we are,

The Council of Light Within


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