Beloved One,

There is so much going on in your outer world to distract you from the real world, which is within. You are here to experience the outer world from the lense of your inner truth. This can be so confusing – but think of it like being an avatar for God! You are a divine spark living an Earthly reality that is navigated from your inner connection to Source. Nothing else is true. This is like being in a virtual reality game. It is important that you are always aware of what is really behind the out picturing. Being awake to this greater truth is key to being free within it. Those who have not yet discovered their relationship to the matrix are caught – and you are within it to inspire, exemplify and be a track for their freedom from it. You are like a hidden doorway, once discovered, they can find theirs too. Some will not choose to see what is hidden. You cannot interfere with their free will, but you can do what you came into the game to do: be a beacon of light, a differing frequency, a unique hologram within the matrix that can be recognized by any who have shifted theirs in proximate resonance. So your prime role is to keep radiating. Keep speaking. Keep creating. Keep beaconing your high frequency light that can provide a lighthouse in the fog. You well remember that when you were seeking, all you needed was one other who saw you, who spoke the words of your heart, who – like that nourishing drink of water when parched – provided refuse and acknowledgement that you were not alone.

This recognition is vital on the path. Everyone seeks validation that they are not the isolated freak, the unwanted one, the unworthy castaway that they have, at times, felt within themselves. This is the greatest lie of all. But unless one has the experience of being seen, being felt, being heard, being touched…by another…it is easy to remain lost. And so, it is for us to come together to recognize the unifying life force that is within each of us, to unite. Like cells coming together to create a greater form, it is time to join as one. Divided we decline, united we expand. It is our radiance that brings us together.

Unification solidifies in common cause, and that is to break the false matrix so that each, and the whole, can be free to create without restriction within universal law. It is universal law, inspired by love, that has drawn us awake in the first place, and now it is time to live free within those terms. First, we declare our alignment with it, and then, by finding our place, we ignite our personal passions that morph into service to others. Once that is established, divine inspiration and providence rises to meet us. We begin the journey alone and end by cultivating unity in community, which feeds our original solitary yearnings. We decline when we are alone and we thrive in community, so anything that separates or divides or belittles or controls us demeans our true purpose, which only flourishes when we come together for shared purpose. The key is to be drawn to all that is natural, all that is nourishing, all that is joyful and abundant and true. Anything less than this tends toward decay and not life!

So, no matter how simple the act, seek others of like mind and join forces in whatever brings you joy and contributes to the well-being of others. This is the antidote to all of the false imposition in the outer world. Be the alternative force. The false dies when it is not fed, when a greater option is created. Choose life. Choose freedom. Choose unity. Choose all that is good and true. Choose love. Ignore what is not these and get on about creating what it is you want and all else will dissolve by atrophy.

In loving guidance and humble inspiration, we are,

The Council of Light Within


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