There are many who ask…but what can I do? For those who are not consumed by their personal suffering or survival, the best remedy of all is to help others. It is not necessary to go looking for those to help these days, they will just be before you.

Begin by looking outside yourself with thoughtfulness…and you will see many who need a smile or gesture of kindness…even just a door held open. Everyone is in some form of transformation pain at the moment because the world is experiencing a collective dark night of the soul. The power is in coming together. The healing balm is in shared support and experience. Alone it is easy to feel vulnerable. Together, we ignite a well of strength from within. We can always do it when we are unified. This is the great power we each hold, for together we are like cell fusion! An individual cell is weak but binding together ensures strength, growth and stability.

Always ensure that you are aware, grounded and connected within your body. Staying in this constant state of awareness ensures your GPS is switched on and that you are paying attention. Serve your own needs first so the warrior is well balanced, fed and alert. Remember, you are never alone, even if you wanted to be. You are surrounded by support from many realms, the least of which is the physical one!

Collect your resources. Know and seek all that is in support of your success and draw away from anything that detracts it. These are not times to carry unnecessary burdens created by yourself or others. Keep close to heart what matters most and yet maintain a state of compassionate detachment so that your ties do not keep you from your own light.

Maintain your connection with your greater Self and the Divine at all times. Do not waiver from this, for it is your life and your sustenance. It is also your very important guidance system when the waters are muddy…there is only one thing to guide you and that is your inner promptings as they are whispered from Spirit. Know that you know – and that you will always know – what is right for you. A telltale sign is how it makes you feel…knowing and doing what is right always makes you feel good. It is a simple barometer! Use it to navigate these times. If it does not feel right, it isn’t. Trust yourself above all else.

Keep an open heart, even if it feels like it is breaking at times. Your high heart knows that you can withstand great innerstanding. Breathe yourself through it all and coach yourself…you’ve got this. Following your instincts is very important. Continue to train yourself to use this vital gift. Your open, compassionate heart helps all others find what it is that they seek, which is also their own compassionate heart. It is just that it is clouded or crusty with their own wounds that they have not reconciled. Your compassionate heart will help them find theirs. Everyone is pure and yet thinks they are the wounds that have happened to them. This is not who they are. If you live in a state of remembering who you are and radiate the compassion they don’t even know they seek, then they can remember who they are. Right now, the world needs immense, boundless compassion and it is contagious, so let it begin with you.

Use the power of prayer and incantation. Remember that you are a powerful creator being, and what you intend, what you command, will be so as it is aligned with Divine Will. Let your will be lined up with Divine Will. Know how powerful your words are, as you incant spells with your voice. Let love and light prevail by your words.

Know the state of Divine abundant flow at all times. There is nothing that cannot be provided, nothing that cannot be divined from Source. Do whatever you can to not allow your lower self (ego and mind) to believe otherwise. All is provided. Expect miracles and they will be so.

Trust that each is following the Divine Plan of their souls. Another’s soul contract is between them and Source. So trusting in their Divine Plan is faith beyond what can be known. Trust that your own Divine Plan is unfolding as it should. Trust that you are more powerful beyond measure. You (or another) are not a victim of anything other than your own false limitations.

Stay positive and optimistic as if you are defending your life with it, for you are. Intensity should be spared and cultivated for these emotions above all others. Heaviness, desperation and faithlessness begets more of the same. As a powerful creator, take full responsibility for what you create. So why not reframe the negativity, sing the joyous songs, dance with abandonment and believe that all that is true and right and good will prevail? Be the source of all that you desire. It is a beautiful world, isn’t it?

Surrender only to Big Love. Unconditional love that passes all innerstanding. The one without limitation or definition, the one we all seek to know. The one that soothes all pain. Love is abundant and is what everyone needs. Spread it like wildfire. Emanate it, share it, seed it, speak it, be it…it is contagious.

Offer help wherever your heart, your instincts, guide you. Offer whatever you can give all the while ensuring that you allow your own inner resources to be protected and rejuvenated by Source. It is the time for sharing collective resources that none will go without. Especially without knowing the power of love and being given the opportunity to remember that they are love too.

All of these attributes are those of an Earth Angel. A warrior of the light. A messenger of living Christ Consciousness. Without judgement, malice, greed or contempt of any kind, this compassionate heart seeds a new consciousness, the new way of being on the Earth that is reminiscent of who we truly are. And thus, the Great Awakening takes place inside each of us and for every soul in our world.

With Big Love, we abide in you always,

The Council of Light Within


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