Beautiful One,

Things are better than they seem. This may feel like a ridiculous statement when it appears as if the entire world is in some degree of trauma at this time. But you know how it works in the spiritual world, that out of angst, challenges, chaos…goodness always arises. It is how deep, fundamental change happens. It can take place like erosion of rock almost unseeingly over a long period of time, or it can come with strong winds in an instant. The time has come for radical change on the planet, so many catalysts exist all at the same time to perform such alchemy. It is not comfortable, but it is profound in its power. The challenge is to know, in the depths of your soul, that you are strong to withstand – like a rock in a stream – the constant flow of pressure around you. Who are you? Why are you here? What matters most to you? What abides? What is transient? And what is everlasting and without opposition? This is the time to sort these fundamentals out at a deep conscious level, for moving forward into the new demands it. The old world has ended as we knew it, for it had lost its footing in these fundamental truths and will be rebuilt from the solid ground up. A reset was necessary, for things had gotten too far off true course. It’s shocking, but absolutely required to realign with what is right and true. This is the intersection of ages, and a time for re-evaluation of the entire system. A reboot of the plan.

So, what can you do to survive this shift of the ages? You have come to know by now that your deep inner relationship with yourself is your great strength, your tether to what is true. Without this, you are drifting, vulnerable to the outer storms. Your inner world is solid and true, even if getting there may be a bit of an act of faith in the darkness. Persevere! Keep exploring the cave with your single candle and you will arrive at a beautiful cavern of light, generated by your internal sun. You will not be disappointed, nor will you ever be able to forget this magical place all your own, designed especially for you and where all of your deep, real, true, powerful inner guidance lies. Everything you ever need is here…the guidance and sustenance and peace and companionship you have yearned for is here. The answers are here. The well of unconditional love you so desire is here. From here, all things are truly reset to your authentic compass. From here, all things right for you arise. So, when the outer world is clamoring, go within. Do the opposite of what it expects of you. Rather than run screaming with your hands up in the air, breathe deeply and go within chamber of your heart. Tap the endless reserves to sustain yourself there. Make all inquiries and heed the guidance from there. This is how you counteract the external noise, by seeking internal peace first. Once you have tapped into it, you can stand strong in the storm. You must absolutely know that you are not whatever is swirling around you. Having touched the great resource within, there is nothing external that can conquer it. Your knowing of this changes everything. It is your great reset.

Having reset your inner compass, your true north, everything sorts itself accordingly. You know what is right for you. You make decisions based on this truth. You align with others who share your same direction. You choose what is natural, what is authentic, what is true – for you. Everything in your physical life rearranges itself around this. Some decisions are easy, some more difficult, but all align with your truth, as nothing wavers from that now. Respect of yourself and your inner integrity is the most important…for once that is established, everything you do will be informed by that and could never be outside of the realm of love. For love is the true basis of everything…this is what the real reset is about. If it is not of love, it must not be perpetuated…for love reigns supreme.

"But what can I do in my physical world to express this against what seems like overwhelming odds on the contrary?" Knowing and emanating love is everything. It is contagious. It also connects all like it unto itself…so you will beacon for those who cannot and connect with all those who also do. Evil in the world has no concept of the power of love, for it thrives on the opposite. You eradicate the opposite by being love in everything that you are and everything that you do. Of course, love is your superpower! It is THE superpower, and you are that.

From the fires of love, inspiration arises. You will know what you, in your own unique way, need to do to express this boundless love. It can be a myriad of small practical things or the creation of bigger inspired projects…just follow the promptings of your heart. How to navigate the craziness of the external world? One inspiration, one decision at a time. Take anything you are concerned about to your heart and it will advise you. It is really important not to be so overwhelmed with the enormity of the problem, but to know that you as one person, are the pebble that drops into the pond that creates a ripple that travels far and wide. One ripple meets another and another and soon a wave is created. Many are created by an accumulation of ones. And in volatile times of change, all it takes is a small spark to ignite the dry timber! You can be that for your cause, inspired by love – no matter how small you think the gesture is. Remember that acts of love, no matter the measure, are always immense in their significance.

Focus your energy on love, and not on the opposite that is creating the upheaval in the external world. Every time you witness it, affirm love. For love prevails above all. Your super power!

The Council of Light Within


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