These are the days that you have been anticipating forever! Who would have thought that they are upon you now…are you ready? Being ready is a state of mind of course, which is a neutral willingness to become all that you are meant to be. The time is now. The energies are brewing and stirring and preparing everything for its birth into the new. It conjures a full spectrum of emotions, allow all that comes to you to be expressed, for this is the joy of living as a human, that all creation moves through you as you are turned outside in and inside out!

Do whatever you can to stay present within yourself and not be distracted by the external. When things are louder outside, focus inward. When the shift keeps hitting the fan, keep focused on your heart…for any required response will come from there. You will know exactly what to do by this inner focus. It is your GPS. You have done all you can to prepare by shedding what kept you back, at any level, and by preparing to respond to outer stimuli. You are a highly trained pilot of your own growth and ascension; you are ready. Keep your mind and heart clear. Keep your feet grounded to Mother Earth literally and energetically. Keep your heart open and filled with light in order to receive the new codes. Be gentle and kind. Having proclaimed your reverence and sovereignty, you are clear for whom you serve. You are stalwart in your stance and determined to see it through by your focus, your light and your strength. You are solitary in your presence, yet never alone. You are unified with all others who share your commitment to service of the light. You know, deep in your heart, that this is why you have come and that, with pure-hearted determination, the light wins. The light always wins. This is the final test of the pure heart of humanity to overcome the darkness and to express all that is right and good and true. God wins. You are brothers and sisters of the light, warriors of spirit and the greatest cause: LOVE. There is only love.

So have heart enough to embrace all that you have ever expressed, in any way, in any form and you will know every expression of life on Mother Earth and beyond. If you are constricted in any way less than love, open your heart. Expect more capacity. Breathe it in. You are built as a tremendous capacitor of love…there is no limitation to your power. But you must know this in full consciousness in order for it to ignite. The time is now. Join your heart with all those who also serve the light and the power is exponential. There is nothing you cannot do. Do you really innerstand this? THERE IS NO THING YOU CAN NOT DO. You are powerful beyond measure and it is time to exercise that power. It is time. Pray for the recalcitrant souls. Breathe in the light to the planet and all of her inhabitants. Be a transducer of light for the world. Emanate light for all and tone the sounds of the ages, adding your sound frequencies to the ethers. See everything without judgement as all is a creation of the divine, at varying evolutionary distances from source. Nothing is outside of creation’s purview, it is all God, using all colours of creation’s palette. So, see from God’s eyes, think with God’s mind, know with God’s heart and act with God’s inspiration. The extraordinary gift of free will means that you can choose any colour or method from the paint box. It is the divine master that knows that what is created from the heart, inspired by unconditional love, ensures that there is boundless grace for all and that all is sorted by frequency. It is time to raise the frequency of this planet by no longer allowing the distortions to reign. It is time for love to reign supreme for all of her inhabitants and for true abundance to fulfill her prophecy that all may live in peace and harmony. It is time for the full magnificence of human expression to be unfettered, unrestrained, unoppressed. It is time for Mother Earth to experience, in a higher dimensional expression, her full capabilities.

Team up with your Mother and Father to participate consciously in this miraculous creation. As you command your higher light, your individual gifts will arise and your contribution to the whole will be made. As the darkness arises to be shown in the light, it is dispelled, and you will witness the blossoming of a world unlike ever experienced before! You will have participated in The Great Awakening and will have much cause to dance in the sunlight! Allow your heart to open to receive, and transmute, the lower frequencies back into the light, for that is the power of your transducing: dark into light!

Open your heart enough to process the shock and grief of all of your loved ones and community; this is why you know about it ahead of time, so that you could clear and expand your own heart enough to help others. Keep emanating your light into the planetary grid, that you join her supercharged support for these transformational times. Stay open and grounded, and sustained by Mother Earth and all that is natural. Trust that all is well and that you are a conscious participant in the creation of well-being for all. Do not falter in all that you know and all that you are.

We are with you all the way,

The Council of Light Within


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