Aren’t you beginning to feel the excitement in the air? Yes, we know that much must continue to transform before it is overt, but you must already instinctually know that good is coming, do you not? If the emotions of demise are still clouding your vision, then it is the perfect time for the “fake it until you make it” scenario! Look to the horizon for the dawn is coming. Do not focus on what has to fall in order for the new to arrive…as a creator, be the manifester of the new and focus on its presence. It is already born; it is arriving in your experience. And what you are able to maintain in your energy field, makes it possible for others to do the same. Remain excited, hopeful, helpful, mindful, heartful, determined, radiant. This is your most important work right now. You are that powerful and this is your time to shine. Shine the light of infinite possibility and that all that is right and true and good can be rectified or created in your new world. Emanate health and wellness and prosperity and brilliance and youthfulness and ease…all that you need, conjure. All that you require, request. Ask, and you shall receive. It is natural Divine law and it is yours to command. Take command!

Part of the great lesson for you now is to realize how powerful you are – that you are the composition of the universe and you have everything you need inside of you to conjure anything. You greatest hindrance is your mind, and now is the time to overcome this miniscule, yet phantomly powerful overlord. It is time to evict its presence over you and adopt the real presence and that is omnipresent and omnipotent. If you are lined up with Source, what limitation could you ever have except for your own imagining? This is the matrix of the old human plane…now that you have graduated to a higher plane, you must shed the old definitions of yourself and the world so that you can express your true magic and power! It is like arriving at a new destination with old beliefs, perceptions and attitudes. You have arrived in a new land; be willing to adopt a complete new way of being now. Shed the old clothes and begin anew.

Detach from the old narrative of the outside world as it screams itself into oblivion. Let it expire its natural death, all the while you are busy creating the new. Use your magical forces to imagine and create a symbiotic life in harmony with nature, that it can be shared with and made possible for others who have lost touch with Her majesty (the real HRH!). Mother Earth is the real healer and balancer and physical expression of the Divine, so living in tandem with her, and the great power of the Divine Father, will bring about all that you desire. You are their Divine Child, after all. Their progeny in action! Now is the time to show up and express that in every now moment. You break the old system by simply creating a new, better one, that is based on the right and true principles of Divine Law. So bring all that you can into being by imagining and conjuring and building and focusing on it. Be an architect and dream it and draw it and make it happen, whatever it is that is being burst from your heart. It is possible. It is possible. It is possible. It is true. Keep the momentum going, inspired by your dreams and manifesting power. What you create for yourself, in harmony with and benefit of others, will come to pass. Your paradise is their paradise. All is to share with those who seek it and know it to be true for themselves.

Above all, hold your presence in the highest light. Remember who you are and why you are here at this time. Use your power wisely and with complete integrity. Ensure that you have all that you need so you can assist others on their way. Your cup will runneth over to assist all who need a boost, a signpost, a spark of light to go on. Hold your lantern high so that it sheds light for others on their path. It is no long time for rescue or influence, it is simply inspiration now!

Be inspiring for yourself and all that you do, and your energy will be contagious. The best contagion ever…Divine inspiration!

Regardless of any small doubts or wavering, we are always with you,

The Council of Light Within


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