Beloved Ones,

You can ease the concerns of your heart, for your greatest desires will be met! You have gotten yourself into quite a tight state as you use your lesser abilities of worry and trying to understand and sort the complexities. What if you can’t?! Well, you can’t. It isn’t up to you, so why are you wasting your valuable Christed energy to manipulate outcomes in your favour? Things are already being orchestrated in your favour! Why do you not trust by now? We know as the stakes appear to keep rising, that your faith is being tested unlike ever before, but we promise that the game is no different than when the stakes appeared smaller. Your frequency determines your outcome, you know this from spiritual teaching 101. Please do not forget this important primary truth: what you emanate, you attract and you create. This should be so deeply known by you that you never waiver from its truth. If no other principle is adopted right now, this one will get you through. So what if you decided that love was your origin, your purpose and your creation? Then you will have nothing – no thing – to worry about. Nothing! So steer your efforts otherwise.

Now that we have that recalibration set, it is important for you to remember this: there is nothing outside of you as you are the spark of the Creator in human experience. So now that you are aware that you are the Creator of worlds, what is it that you are creating as part of the New Earth, the new way, the new experience? What bugs you the most about your human experience? (Other than the fact that you have been controlled and manipulated and oppressed by dark forces for millennia…) What is it that you most want to contribute to? Beauty? Health? Wisdom? Joy? Peace? What needs to be created in a new way in respect of love and all life? The time of the great recalibration has begun, and you can decide what part of it is yours. What skills do you naturally have to assist in the collective effort? What is your deepest passion and effortless expression? If there is only love, what aspect, what expression of love, are you? Begin that. Dream that. Have that occupy your Christed consciousness so that you are contributing to the highest outcome possible for your beloved human family. You may have thought that royalty or celebrity or elite wealth could provide you with the impetus to change the world…well what would you do if there were no limits to the financial wealth that supports your efforts? What would you do? Rescue the animals? Heal the sick? Create beauty? Teach the children? Reclaim the land? Beautify the villages? Farm in harmony? So you ARE all royalty now as children of God…what will you do to rebirth, reclaim and restore your beloved Mother Earth and all her inhabitants? The time for the dreaming has begun. Establish your purpose as a citizen of the New Earth and intend that you will join in perfect harmonious community to allow your contribution to flow in magical ways and outcomes. It is so and so it is!

There is no time left for playing small. Nothing is as it was, nor will it ever be and that is cause for planetary celebration! Everything is frequency and intent now…line yours up and go! No looking back now except to clean up any of your own footprints…get on about your own business that serves the world. Nothing is a small contribution. You cannot disconnect from the quantum system now, for you are One with it!

We are so excited about what is being created now, and your extraordinary part in it.

We are always with you,

The Council of Light Within


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