Beloved One,

The times they are a-changing! Much about you has already changed; it will just become more and more clear to you as you pay attention. Things are not as they seem. The swirl and effluvia of change is all around you at many levels, so staying in your own calm centre is best, for there is your dominion, your control. And in that place your truth will be known and from that place your truth expressed. Stay strong in your convictions, immense in your purpose and intent and contained only in your sovereignty, for it is yours and yours alone. Be still and know that you are God. Be still and know that all will always be well with this place, even when it is not on the external. For the external will continue to boil and spin, for it must in order to shake the old false control structures out of their place, that the new, true organic ones can grow from the hearts of mankind. The true kind. The meek ones, so that you can inherit the Earth again for the first time. You will come to know what your heart has always yearned for and that is the truth, the real, the authentic, the right and true and correct. Do you know how you have always yearned for home or meaning or purpose? This is it. This is the time that your heart has yearned for millennia…and you are here to create and experience it now. Piece by piece, moment by moment, manifestation by manifestation, you are creating it as you awaken to the powerful creators that you are!

Focus only on your light. Focus on your true power and ability to make things happen. Know that you are not alone. You are supported beyond measure and you have come here for this divine purpose. You have everything you need to defend and create. You have everything you need to thrive and prosper and do what you came here to do. You know more deeply and intimately that you are a powerful creator and built of the same stuff that you have been seeking. You are creator light. You are sound and vibratory frequency. You are organic super beings comprised of all that is divine, galactic, universal. From this place of knowing and power comes your ability to handle anything that comes your way on any level. Ask for help. Ask for learning and downloads for any new information you require to deal with any situation, whether material, moral, legal, physical, intellectual, etheric, galactic. There is nothing you cannot access by intent. There is nothing you can’t ask for help for, even if you don’t know exactly what you need. Ask for it anyway. Ask for clarity. Ask for help as if you were entering the largest resource library in the universe and your guides and librarians will ensure you have what you need! Trust that it is given. Ask and you shall receive. Know that you have the largest army of light with you, the greatest advisors ever designed especially for you, strength and protection beyond measure, emotional support, mental clarity and information and spiritual back up unlike ever before. The only thing that you are in charge of is your personal will. No one or no thing else can influence that, for it is a law of the Earth plane.

So choose. Decide. Commit. Stand up for what you know is right and true and good and do not waiver. All of this must be done within the intimate confines of your sacred heart…and from there all radiates without boundary in return to Source. Do you see that there is no interference once you lock into your value, your honour, your sacred choice to serve the All? Do you see that there is full support no matter what and that your purpose is simply to exercise your free will to choose? Are you here for yourself in your small mind to survive through the inspiration of fear or are you here as a spark of the All, connected to Divine Mind for the inspiration of Love? Simple choice; it is each One’s prerogative to make it. The consequences of each are unique to the individual and yet assured. There is not judgement for either; all is as designed. It is just time, that is all. It is the time to choose your team and your true power from the core of your being, knowing that your integrity will ensure right action from there. No one or no thing outside of yourself determines your fate. You alone have dominion over that. Choose.

Stir up the warrior within; the warrior of light that does not waiver from its honour and convictions. Donned by the Armour of God, the warrior stands strong in support of all that is true and good against all that is not. The warrior is wise and stands for the innocent. The warrior knows the cause and carries the truth of it by heart with unwavering conviction. Be that. Know that. Act from that place.

The time of deep strength and conviction is at hand. Binding together in unity is both the cause and the effect. Be there for your fellow man, encompassing all, one small act at a time. The immensity of your work will happen in the privacy of your own heart and home. Do not underestimate the power of your light from this pure and sacred place. You need not expose yourself to radical and dangerous energies by racing into the street wielding a sword. Your sword is your choice, your light, your intent, your conviction, your strength, your wisdom and especially, your love. The Love. The Big Love. Stand in Love.

Have we told you how incredible, how strong, how magnificent we know that you are? It is true. In this, and in our abiding love for you, we do not waiver.

The Council of Light Within

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