Creative One,

What times are these that challenge you from every direction? They are the ones that you have been preparing for for millennia! The time is nigh. There is no greater test for these times than to test your resolve in the fire. We do not make light of the depth nor import of this, but we do know how powerful you are and how victorious you will be in this task! Stay strong, Stay clear. Stay vigilant for the light. Use all of your faculties, physical and extra sensory. Trust your instincts and your promptings. Ask for help on all fronts and know that it is given. You are not alone in this; you are guided and protected by legions. If you only knew that you are Generals of the Light each in your own right, leading the charge for all who share your conviction as a Light Warrior.

Collect all about that you that is right and true and good. Remember the magic of life, the power of the light and the goodness of all things. Inherent in creation are all aspects and it is the master’s perspective that knows it requires all expressions to be complete. Do not fear the darkness, for it is just the absence of light, and you are warriors for that purpose too. You are divine alchemists and warriors for the cause of high vibrational creation now. It is your sole (soul!) purpose to represent what is of the miraculous, dynamic, extraordinary, in-depth, spectacular, all-powerful, emanation of the purest and highest light. The choice point is now. Humankind no longer requires the opposite in order to learn, that aspect of its journey is complete. For those who answer the call, it is now the time to eradicate that aspect of creation from their experience in order to evolve into higher expression and creation. This is a grand graduation! It is those who have come to this point in their evolution that are responsible for creating the next phase. That which is no longer in service to higher evolution must be dissolved by nonconsent, and that which is in honour of the higher opportunity must be manifested! This is not the time to be sitting and waiting for someone or something outside of yourselves to make things right. It is YOUR time to make things happen at the metaphysical level! Yes, you are that powerful. It is vital that you come to this full innerstanding and action. Start wielding your power to create all that you desire. Use it for its highest good to create a magical world of higher everything: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, Earthly, Godly, universal! If you really let yourself go to the highest heights of creative expression and you were really a fully expressed God of Creation, what would you create? Do that. Just keep going. Keep dreaming. Keep manifesting. Keep calling in assistance from the higher realms. Keep talking to your ancestors and angels and ascended masters and galactic family and to God. Remember, you are a co-creator…keep talking to your divine colleague: God. How can you co-create without working directly with Creator? This is the time for the most intimate connection and relationship of all…for it will only deepen and evolve from there. Like any relationship, it starts publically and goes into deeper and deeper inner intimacy and eventually is expressed at every level of your being that you are able to sing and dance and shout this KNOWING from every aspect of your being. This is the relationship you must have with Creator, so that you are living, breathing, being, thinking, loving, seeing, feeling, knowing, acting, deciding, choosing in complete tandem. You are a powerful, dynamic, active agent of the Divine in all that you do…how could anything about that be or go wrong?! This intimate relationship is the only way you know that…and this is what you take with you into the New Earth. The one you are creating as a divinely-inspired creator, being an experience of creator being creation. Get it?

There is nothing more important for you to be being right now than this.

We are with you all the way.

The Council of Light Within


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