Beloved One,

There is so much happening on the outer world, but what is taking place in your inner world always takes precedent. The outer is a reflection; the inner is your truth. So, in all manner of cases, your internal landscape is your peace, your source, your navigation and your pathway of ascension. You have come to learn that everything is inverted, and you are the master correctors of the inversions, taking back your rightful indicators, one at a time. With each gesture, you correct the errs and soon you reach critical mass and the whole thing flips. We know, the suspense is hard to bear! But the important thing is to continue to focus on each correction, each taking back of your One True Power, one step at a time… With each correction, you heal it for yourself, and consequently for the collective, for you are that. For now, the cave is dark and there appears to only be the smallest of light in each task, but when enough are returned to the light, it will be the most incredible explosion of quantum light that you can’t even imagine from your current perspective. Prepare yourself; let that be the goal. You are acting in great faith to keep excavating, keep reclaiming, keep gathering the fractals of light…trusting that their power in unification will be the outcome you seek. It will be exponentially magnificent! And it is not that far away, energetically or in linear time. Keep on keeping on…one reclaimed fractal of light at a time, consciously returning it to its rightful association and alignment.

Because so much has been inverted in your experience, it is important to clear yourself first of limiting paradigms and strengthen your intentions to expect miracles, for they are on their way to you. Any aspect of your programming that does not allow for this must be cleared. If you don’t know how to do this, ask for it to be shown to you in a way that speaks to you. It begins with intending to release the old…the old everything, as you have already come to know on your spiritual path. You can only have it all when you release it all…another paradox on the path! Release attachments, release expectations, release limitations, release unworthiness, release lack. Now it is time to put it all in the out basket and press delete. It is done. Be willing to sit in the peace of no-thing-ness and allow all that is true and good and right to show itself to you. There is nothing outside of you that is more beautiful, more miraculous, more multi-dimensional, more creative, more magnificent than what is inside of you. Do you know this to be true? It is time.

When you have come to know this through inner journeying, presence, meditation, reflection and command, then the magic of creation begins. When you are finally emanating as your greater truth in a deep, real, humble and connected way, your true gifts and talents will emerge unlike ever before. You will experience how powerful you are once your integrity and true alignment is locked in, for then you are truly co-creating with Spirit. Remember, God needs a body now expressed in physical form, alive with conscious creation and able to serve the whole now that the long journey of oneself has become the One Self. And in this way, all fractals of light are gathered until in one instant, they experience a collective quantum flash (again further healing the inversions) and return closer to Source. See how it works? That which it is not comes to know itself for what it truly is and so returns back to its origin, fractal by fractal in the Great Hologram.

And so you asked what your role is in this? Isn’t it clear now that you are a miner of light so that you can experience that which you are not in order to know what you truly are and help all others as they find their way from the dark? A compassionate heart knows that it has become so by being that which it is not, and so is able to embrace it all. It also knows that there is no separation, and that the collection of each spark of light is an aspect of themselves. One for All. All for One. A compassionate heart knows every emotion, every thought, every fear, every aspect of the darkness in order to know itself as the light.

How better to experience yourself as a Great Master than to send you into a deep, dark, damp, scary, murky abyss of a cave to collect small fragments of light, one by one, until there is enough light for all to find their way out of the cave back into the Great Light?

Know that all you are doing as part of this rescue mission is of great value. Each fractal of light matters and the growing consciousness of the mission and the methods of accomplishment through unconditional love is magnifying by the moment. We encourage you to be without doubt and to remain stalwart in your purpose. Nothing less than true freedom, joy, abundance and peace are assured!

We remain, ever your loving companions and supporters,

The Council of Light Within

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