Beautiful Ones,

Yes, it is hard to feel like wonderful things are happening when everything aches! This is the long-expected and welcome soul upgrades you have longed for…so just breathe it all into alignment. You know the rules: out with the old and in with the new…and vice versa. What has delivered you to this juncture is now outmoded and it’s time for those rocket boosters to be decommissioned. All old services are released and new upgrades follow…much more advanced technology is being commissioned inside of you, and transforms your vehicle from DNA out!

These are the most significant upgrades of your entire Earthly sojourn and you have prepared for them – so no need to brace yourself – you know that welcoming them and going with the flow of integration is the key. Focus on absorption, balance, release, hydration and self honesty, all the while expecting peace and miracles as the outcome. You are becoming more and more in your physical body that which you are as a spiritual body. You are rising to meet yourself here in the physical world, something that has not been done ever before to this degree. It is an extraordinary journey and your purpose for incarnating right here, right now. It is a miraculous, expansive, exhilarating and magical experience. 

So do whatever you can to detach from expectations based on your old 3D programming, for you know that those shackles are being broken. Surrender to what is and nurture yourself through the entire transformation…lovingly birthing yourself closer to your original expression. And so it will continue to go, and so it will continue to go. What before had barriers or limitations, has been lifted and you are being morphed, without restriction, into the birth of the New World as a steward and keeper of the creation of it. It is an extraordinary expression of Source to experience birth and conscious creation at the same time…there is no longer a need for amnesia and recycling in order to keep you from expanding too far too fast. There are no longer suppressions or aggressions or limitations to who you are becoming! While incomprehensible from your limited viewpoint, your converged heart, mind and soul completely innerstands. Trust this primal, core instinct unlike ever before, for it will always lead you home. Once the fog of illusion lifts, you will know that your homing beacon was true and that every birthing pain, at any level at any time, was so worth the result. There is nothing you can’t handle and nothing you can’t transmute. Remember who you are in every now moment. Call upon strength and courage and clarity and trust to be your stalwart guides. There is nothing to fear. As you traverse your own bridge, you will pave the road for others. As you gain solid grounding in your new expression, your experience of oneness and unity will naturally guide you in service for others who will need your lantern light to cross themselves.

This is the most excruciatingly beautiful experience of your lives. Do your best to hold this perspective in the revelatory days and weeks to come. 

The truth shall set you free is no small adage for these times! Bear witness to it and love yourselves, and all others, home. Breathe yourself through it all. You’ve got this.

From the most divine and loving perspective inside of you, we are,

The Council of Light Within


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