Beloved Rainbow Warrior,

It is another sacred of days in these series of sacred days! 

It is important to process your emotions as they arise, for they are varied and frequent. There is so much of the old errs and victories and struggles and sadnesses and complexities to process, it is a soup of all that you have experienced in your vast and intricate journey. Allowing them to be felt and cleared again is the acknowledgement of all that you have been and the alchemy for all you are becoming. Honouring them allows the inward focus that is essential now, for all that is spinning about you is distraction from the real truth which is what is taking place inside of you. The external whirlwind is to ensure that you are only seeking the silence within where all things reside in peace and clarity. We know that you may feel like it couldn’t possibility satisfy the thousands of questions you feel you have, but we assure you that each one will come to clarity in time. Hold up your candle in the great vast darkness and what you seek will be illuminated, one by one. Trust that the presence and order of each unfolds in a perfect sequence for you, part of your unique signature. You wouldn’t want it any other way, even though you think you do!

‘Ask and ye shall receive’ is the most important adage for you to use, for the unfoldment will only occur at your beckoning, so ask for what it is you want to know and it will be given. Keep it simple at first until you get used to this call and response conversation within yourself and ultimately, you will be communing in sophisticated tongues with your Divine Self! Why would you ever listen to the clamour of souls screaming for what they seek outside? Yours is ever the still, small voice within. You know this, you just forget. Often. It is time to use this live GPS system now for everything. There is nothing outside of you that should seduce your attention like that of your own Soul. It is time. It is critical now, for the outer waters are very muddy and your physical senses are inadequate for these refined communiques. It is your inner sight and touch and hearing and feeling that will interpret your guidance. Regard and follow its wise guidance with great trust, appreciation and love.  When you are faced with a sea of complexity in your outer life, ask for clarity on one aspect. Focus on this priority and ask for insight and guidance, and expect to receive it. Acknowledge it when it comes and then focus on the next aspect. Viewing the entire field at once will overstimulate and overwhelm you, so just one spoonful at a time. Parcel out your inquiry and then piece together each aspect until you have clarity. This is the best use of your logical mind in service to your spiritual questing. True wisdom does not come outside of you, it is merely responding to your request to know it and then its discovery is yours. Ask and ye shall receive. It’s miraculous!

Remain calm and balanced. Do whatever you need to do to ensure this. Rest, breathe fresh air, walk on Mother Earth, watch the sun, moon and stars, keep your focus within, only allow into your external world that which you seek in your internal one. Trust that there is all kinds of magic afoot that is deconstructing and then reconstructing the out picturing of your desires. The world is resetting based on natural principles of love, upliftment, fairness, equality, abundance, liberty and expansion for all. It is time for these freedoms to be experienced by those whose hearts allow them. It is time for kindness, generosity and civility to prevail. It is time for humankind to be the living brother and sisterhood of its true nature. What your heart yearns for is true multitudes of others. May it be so. And each will have the opportunity to experience this family of man themselves. We will all experience deep love again. Real love. The one that we are made of and the one that truly governs us. Nothing less than this will thrive. It is time.

When things ever temporarily spiral down for you, remember to out picture what your heart truly desires in the world. Freedom, abundance, kindness, generosity, peace, love, harmony, joy, radiance for all beings. Paint the picture and it will come, and you will have been part of witnessing the old fall away so that the new can be born, in you, by you and for you. So help us, God!

You are loved beyond measure; you are love beyond measure. 

And we are always,

The Council of Light Within


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