Sensitives Rock!  

Being empathetic or sensitive is a gift to be managed. It identifies you as one who is designed to help the greater cause, but unfortunately, this same sensitivity creates such personal challenges, it is hard to build the will to go out in public let alone lead a civilization out of bondage!  First your sensitivities must be recognized (ideally before they wear you down), then it is to learn to manage and create boundaries to all assaults on them and then to continue to build on the strength of your sensitivities so they can be of greater use to you first, and then others, and the world. This, for many, begins - and continues - the journey of their own enlightenment! And so this gift is vitally important. But navigating an intense world full of emotion, stimulation and busy-ness that continually bombards the senses can be overwhelming, exhausting and defeating. So calling all sensitives: it is okay, you are like this for a grand reason and you are very special! Sensitives rock! Really, everyone is sensitive, but there are some particular heightened traits of those who are being honed to help the greater cause, and often it begins with just knowing this is true. 

You are often extremely sensitive to all intense sensory stimulation of the five physical senses:  sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Good is really good and bad is really bad, sometimes debilitating. Being in an uncomfortable seat in a noisy theatre with various food odors where the sound is too intense when a sudden pop-up action film trailer plays (before your beautiful movie begins) can feel like a living hell. Being with anxious, aggressive or depressive persons feels like that in your own body and it can be hard to separate from or identify as not yours, long after they are gone.  It’s hard to shake even after recognizing it. The pain of other’s, animal or planetary suffering is severe. The juxtaposition of your desire to do something to help and the pain of empathy feels like playing with fire. So what do you do?

As always, the reset button begins within. Withdrawing and taking stock is a powerful reassessment place. Once there, the sorting begins. What is truly mine and how do I feel about it, and what is not? (To complicate matters, another conundrum is that everything is us, so how do we survive in that crazy alphabet soup of everything?) Begin at home, inside. Breathe into your heart center and reaffirm you at your core, the real you. Sit there for a while and get to know her right now. She is eternal and yet she is always changing, always more. And ask her, how am I doing? How do I feel right now? About this situation and that one? Check in. Receive the answers, guidance, feelings, knowingness from your own truth. All else is something else. Now to determine what that is! Learning to sort your stimuli is critical to an empath’s survival. What is mine and what is not? What is not mine is there to show and teach me something. It reflects and repels me. Where do my boundaries need to be increased? Where do I need to strengthen my inner knowing to help identify what is mine and what is not? 

With intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) you will find that your true nature is sorted, simple and pure, like a flower: magnificent and almost well-ordered, in a natural, organic ever-growing way. You might even use the metaphor of a flower when checking in with yourself…and see what might be entangling it, dust upon it, or even intruders. No invasive species allowed! Keep your garden free of pests and come to know it so well that constant tending lives within you and ultimately, not much attention need be given to what does not belong there. 

Then the true work, gift, service, magic, flow begins. You are a highly aware, simply sophisticated radiant flower here to help others and the world, realize the same. You can’t hold up a clear lantern for others without having burnished it yourself. You inspire and set a new consciousness by doing it first…and all else follows. You learn compassionate detachment, for you know: you have been there. You know what is yours and what is theirs and even that has been yours in the past and most especially - you love yourself, and them, anyway. You have birthed unconditional love for yourself, so it becomes easy to hold it for all others, even those in the darkness. (Even those who still make and thrive on violent action movies! Even those who kick the back of your theatre seat. Even those who are caught in great pain, despair and darkness in real life. Even what is named evil.) You know because you have been there; you know because you can feel it, and you know because you are meant to help.

And so what do you do? After finding your true inner self, separating what is yours and not, and cleaning up your garden, send light to those who have trespassed against you. Forgive yourself and them. Pray. Ask for help and allow yourself to receive the guidance and support, for this external influence won’t hurt you, and you are already perfectly wired to receive the higher frequencies! This is the great gift of being sensitive in the first place. Begin to wield your wand, use the energy that previously was getting burned out by others to help others. You know they can’t hurt or drain you anymore, for you know who you are. Ask for angelic and other higher support for yourself and others. Call on specific needs to be met. Take command of your light and use it for others who need it to find their way. Hold up your bright lantern. You can’t do it for them, but you will inspire by your own presence, your own example, your own wisdom when sought. 

And then you continue to use your sensitive instrument to develop your psychic senses such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). As these and more forgotten abilities re-emerge, you will be able to use them to create a higher path for yourself and to inspire one in others. Your insights, can be used and shared, as requested, for the benefit of others to help light the way. Like Angels, we can’t interfere with another’s free will, but when asked, we can exercise our Earth Angel love each continuing day of our lives. This is the light that changes the world.

Isn’t it beautifully ironic that becoming a radiant Earth Angel begins with a deep inner knowing that arises from our strangled, overgrown, invaded garden?! So really, all you need to do to get over your exhaustion is to begin to tend your garden and unearth the treasures already there. Show up, for the world needs you.

We join you in the brilliant sunlight with our gardening gloves, trowels and weed buckets, for we are,

The Council of Light in Your Garden Within


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