Equinox: You Know What to Do

If you allow it, the whole thing can be completely overwhelming, it’s true. But don't stop there. It is for you to be a change maker in the midst of it, without feeling like you have to shovel dirt to move the mountain. You are a very powerful light bearer with much work to do, so start. Remember. When you hear about something that tugs your heart, send light. See the highest outcome transpiring. Send light to those on the front lines. Envision the entire planet and all of the sentient beings and intricate systems in harmony, peace and balance. Hold the light of possibility in order to make it so. Do not lower your energy field in compliance with those who may doubt you. You are what you have been waiting for. Send love to those in turmoil or darkness, or in the path of a hurricane. Send light to the planet as she heals from what we humans have done to her and to lessening the impact on sentient beings of weather changes, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms. You are powerful light and influence the whole with every ripple, why have this great power be wasted or joining the problem over the solution? It is your moment by moment choice. You know what to do. It is we who are “the second coming”; it is we who are in charge of anchoring unconditional love in every aspect of our Earthly experience. It is our choice. Time to make haste; there is no time to waste. 

So what draws your heart in positivity will expand that for the collective. Your out-picturing of the highest outcome will contribute to that; the reverse is also true. Choose your team and get on with it. This extraordinary time of unveiling the deceit and corruption is traumatizing, but of course, it is also cause for celebration. Let the truth be shown. There are no borders in this process, we are all one, all Earthlings, all joined by our original cause. This is not a political process, it is a spiritual one. It is a joining of the hearts. It is time that we take charge of our own experience, our own creations, our own lives. Choosing peace and love and harmony and well-being and health and vitality and expansion and abundance, holds the light of possibility for everyone to experience it too. It is time. There will be chaos and upheaval before things settle, but choosing your team in advance helps with that. Choosing your intentions and knowing your purpose in it helps. You are here to help create the New Earth filled with all that you know in the depth of your true heart to be good and right. Hold the light for that always. When the external world gets you down, receive nourishment from your rich internal world, fuelled by your deep spiritual connection to All That Is, the boundless resource for all. When you need external refuge, seek nature. Walk among the trees and near the water and witness the extraordinary miracles of the animals and the birds. All you need do is really look at a cobweb in the sunlight, or consider the migration of the monarch butterflies or the whales in the ocean, or the awesome cloud shapes...and you are reminded of what is true and right in our world. Seek solace in nature; it will rejuvenate you in times of thirst. The desire to protect it is as vital as protecting ourselves, and reminds us that we are part of it.

This time of the equinox provides a great opportunity to anchor greater balance within ourselves, and consequently in our world. The time of equal light and darkness creates a balance point, a fulcrum by which we can choose the Buddha’s Middle Path...the grounded, neutral, centre point from which we wield our great power and light for the highest outcome of our home: Heaven on Mother Earth. It is time. You know what to do.

With great love, support and camaraderie, we stand with you.

The Council of Light Within Everyone


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