Allow the Upgrades

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Stay still here. The more kind and patient you are with yourself, the more gently you will traverse these times. You can feel the pressure of change; do not let it ignite you. Let it wash over you in acceptance. No use fighting nature! You came here for this…the transformation from dark ignorant density to conscious radiant light; it is the most extraordinary journey. All unchartered waters on Mother Earth. You are a courageous pioneer! There is much information about what is happening energetically: dramatic planetary dances, increased magnetic pulses of light from the sun, fluctuations in Earth’s weather systems…all increased frequencies of light creating profound changes to your very physical make-up. Your DNA is morphing as a result. At the most basic level, nothing is exempt from this profound shift. You can either resist and combust, or allow and participate in the transformation. It is a choice in every moment. 

While it feels like we have been letting go to allow the new so much in the past, it feels cliché to even mention it. But truthfully, it was just child’s play practice for what we must do. Nothing old will be the same again, and our minds can race around in fear trying desperately to figure out what this could possibly mean and even enter into pleading negotiations about what it wants to keep. This only defeats us. We can never figure it out. We need only agree, surrender, allow, concede, trust, release, etc. to the light. The most powerful mantra is: I now release all that no longer serves me and am open to receive all that nourishes, and is in harmonic alignment with, my Soul’s purpose. Out with the old, in with the new. Upgrade complete!

Excruciating times create excruciatingly beautiful outcomes, so just keep breathing. Keep letting go. Keep allowing the new to be born. Stay gentle with yourself. If agitation or malcontent or rage shows up…don’t hurt yourself or others with it…transform it into something good. Recognize what it is and then do something productive and physical to process it. It is far more likely that this will arise over hanging around in bliss, so be aware of your feelings and disciplined in your actions. Remain on quiet watch. Stay alert to what is going on and manage your responses well. Remember whose team you are on and stay the course: bringing greater light to yourself, your life, your circle, your community, your land and your world. It is coming, remember to breathe through the contractions now! 

Do not lose hope, no matter what, do not allow fear to become you. Ask for help in your physical and non-physical realms, for we are going through this together. Ask and you shall receive. 

We join and honour you and hold the light of the new inside you, we are,

The Council of Light Within


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