Create – or Not

There is so much more to life than what it seems, and it is your chosen perception of the known and unknown that determines your experience. It can be easy to perceive that, as you age, all about you does too...that there is a slow marching to an end…but what about the continual rebirth and growth and advancement about you too? Both are true and yet one creates a thriving energy and the other deprivation. Which one dominates your perception, your beliefs about the world around you? This is a critical consideration for these times, for your degree of aliveness in the world is governed by what you believe about it. You are either thriving and participating in the creation of the new, or you are lying down and letting the old consume you. It is a governing choice and a constant calibration, one that determines the expansion or contraction of your energy and experience of the world – in life, or in any moment. This could be simplified into the attribute of being an optimist or a pessimist, but it is actually more significant than that: are you a conscious believer and creator of increased good for the planet – or not?

Do you know that you matter, that your life matters, that you are an active agent of God, alive for the purposes of experience and creation – or not? Do you know that this is also true of each of your brothers and sisters on the planet – or not? Do you know that the contribution of your light and your creative expression of it makes a significant difference to you, yours and the world – or not?

This does not mean you must rise up and lead a civilization out of bondage…but it does mean you are responsible for rising yourself up, and for the light that you bring in each moment. You are a radiant transmitter of LIFE, and knowing this creates different choices in each moment and a contagion to all around you that transforms into thriving – or not. Most are just in survival existing, so your radiant life-enhancing light, is vital now. Choose that. And then, of course you know, that this powerful ripple joins with all other thriving ripples to support the whole with regenerative, creative, life-inspiring, luminous light. There are those who are driven to lead powerful charges of civilizations out of bondage and all myriad of transformative and sacred acts – and your light can contribute to that, directly from the centre of your being. Begin at home, inside. 

If each of us begins within, we change the world in a million positive, expansive ways that honour all life and we breathe as one. If we know it is possible, it is. If we only consider decay, death and destruction, it isn’t. Choose. And from that comes all energy to contribute to the great, expansive whole, no matter how large or small. There are no measures or judgement of your contribution, it requires just that you show up.

In all times, in all ways, we join you pursuit of the light.

The Council of Light Within



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