Don’t Let the Transformation Get You Down

You are never alone, surely you know this by now! It is up to you to utilize this boundless resource of love and support and wisdom and guidance and healing and expansion, continually. You are an individual spark, but you are also a part of a vast network of One Purpose and that is the radiant expansion of light in the universe. Every small drop, gesture, effort, contributes to the ever-expanding whole. This is your work. This is your purpose. This is your great reason for Being. Everything else is detail! Everything else is the deliciously rich human experience, no matter how you look at it. You are specific and vast at the same time. You are individual and collective; you are special and common; you are finite and infinite. By now this is really not news to you, but your experience of it in every moment is. You are breathing this consciousness now and it is rich. In the past, and at times, it has the potential to make you crazy chaos confused, but oddly, it has come to make sense without your effort to define or understand it in the old terms. You are multidimensional and omnipresent. You are beginning to experience yourself as Divine in human form…more than ever before. Wild, isn’t it? And at the same time, it seems perfectly normal… And so it is with the realization of all that you are. It was always so, was it not?!

And so, what do you do with it? That is the question! You persevere in the midst of constant change and transmutation to continue to expand your capabilities in all ways…you are becoming more! In the usual paradox, what feels like slow death is actually continual rebirth (a bit like lava flow!). Just keep breathing. Trust that this is so. Do not let the transformation get you down. Keep your focus on the intention, which is to continue to grow in the light. Meanwhile, keep on keeping on with all that is bright and good and calm and purposeful in your life…do what brings you joy and then more of that. Make choices for what uplifts you and others around you and relinquish what does not. If you have unfinished business at hand, complete it, for this is not about shirking responsibilities or the importance of discipline to accomplish your previously-set goals. They can be re-evaluated consciously as they call your attention, but stay with the plan…without allowing any aspect of it to diminish you. If it is doing so, then you must reframe it so that it works for you, not against you. This is the warrior’s quest…to accomplish the task without diminishing your light…for the journey is to acquire more light, not relinquish it to the deterrents, barriers or naysayers of it. Don’t let the turkeys get your down also applies here. Remember, as an agent of the light, you are there for example and inspiration to others. You don’t have to become an evangelist, just a beacon by your example. Your presence alone is enough. Your constancy is enough. Your perfect imperfection is enough. You are enough.

Expect miracles. Things are changing rapidly and miraculously. Trust that this is so. Trust that in the outer appearance of falling apart, things are actually coming together. Another paradox! The best is yet to come is the best adage to hold now, for it helps you persevere amidst the  what seems like continual – contractions. Keep breathing yourself through your own birth. Things are continually changing even though you might feel stuck. You need only intend that you are growing and changing for the better and that you are expanding your capabilities in all ways and that your extra-senses are redeveloping to assist you navigate a new world so that you can actively participate in it. All the while you are a beacon for others, that they too can find their way.

We conclude the way we began, which is to remind you that you are never alone. You have a vast support network; call upon it to help guide you through this new territory so that you can know that you are a special one of the Ones, and help other ones know that, they too, are One of the special ones.

We abide in you, as One,

The Council of Light Within


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