How to find peace in the chaos? Within. If each seeks this sanctity, then it will blossom and flourish. It is not a magic potion; it is universal law. You are creators. This is the most profound realization for you to know. And this is not a simple journey, as this truth has been kept from you over and over and over again. ‘Ye are Gods’ is true! But every level of your being rejects this, for nothing has quite proven this to you – yet. You think that the varying degrees of God winks and synchronicities and intuition and dreams and instincts and messages and meetings are all just separate serendipitous things? Yes, you came with amnesia, which is part of the current set up, and a million hints have been placed before you in all manner of ways and loudness…but can you not see that these whispers are your own divinity calling out to you? That they all string together as one big message? Can you see, hear, feel, sense, touch, know it all as remembrances of who you truly are? You are magical and powerful and like a hologram of the whole. This whole set up is for your remembering, that you can discover it, as if for the first time, and remember what you always were all along. You just tested the strength of your power by experiencing the opposite. Isn’t this a miraculous set up here in the three-dimensional polarized world?!

So, now maybe – if, kind of, sort of – you realize who you are. Now what? It is time, now more than ever, to use your power for good. Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants, need your participation in the resurrection chorus now. The first step is the knowingness of the power inside of you, all fueled by love. Then you allow it to grow, to express itself and change you from within…and to inspire each choice you make in every moment. It alchemizes the world around you. It shifts your relationships and draws your true community around you that extends way beyond your immediate environment. You build your safety and security from within. You are tested and realize, even after you bobble, that you are unshakable. You are stronger than you have ever realized before. You are a spiritual warrior and you know what this means. Your heart is wide open to receive and give unconditional love and from this deep and profound emanation, you are committed to radiating it without question. Without terms. It just feels right and natural. It is who you are. Amidst this you realize that you are also a warrior of truth. The battleground is the quagmire of miscreations, distortions, lies and deception that was used to manipulate the light for ill purposes. You build courage as the injustices created by this darkness tear at your heart and you reaffirm your service to the light and become more committed than ever to be part of the beacons of light illuminating the darkness. Nothing will deter your right – your truth, your sovereignty – to shine!

Then this conviction, this purpose, this emanation inspires all that you do. You realize and recommit to your purpose in service to the light, to yourself, to others, to your community and to the entire world. You are solitary, but you are never alone. You are the open door that cannot be closed. You cannot go back to unknowing. You become fierce in your determination to shine your light above all else and to eradicate the darkness to help others find their way. It is true: you are the way, the truth and the light. You know that you cannot interfere with the free will of others, so you respect this high universal law. Your freedom, and your ability to influence the freedom of choice for others, is paramount. You are a spiritual warrior for peace and freedom, wielding your light to dispel darkness and injustice, all fueled by and for the purpose of unconditional love.

So wield your power with conviction, determination, intention, ceremony, prayer, boundaries, eradication of lower density energies with focused intent on all that is good and right and true. Help others as inspired, serve the good, beacon your light, join the chorus of light that shifts the consciousness of humanity that all who choose may recognize their true power too. It’s contagious. Just imagine what can be achieved when everyone joins together in a unified chorus of light! Peace, heaven, bliss, upliftment, enlightenment, joy, brotherly love, communion with the Earth and all her elements and the animals…whatever you can dream, it will become.

You got this? We know you do and are committed, as you are, to the most glorious outcome for all. While you are on about your service to the light, do not allow any mere darkness to slow your pace.

We cheer you on from the peanut gallery!

The Council of Light Within


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