Your nervous system is charged up with frequencies to help your body transform into its higher state. The ear-ringing, body tension, sore muscles, different sleep patterns, emotional swings, brain fog, appetite fluctuations – all of it is a result – so it is important to be especially gentle with yourself now. Mentor yourself through everything now by ensuring that you are in communion with your higher self, listening to and trusting your inner voice, instincts, intuition and promptings. You are your own best guide through it all. Defaulting to external guidance just keeps you in a spin. There is lots of dross out there, so choose your external inspirations wisely. If it uplifts you, allow it to, and if it doesn’t, discard it right away. There is tremendous sorting going on right now and it is essential that you learn to repel lower frequency things immediately so that you build up your natural shielding. This is the time to bring out your inner warrior; the one who has been trained out of you to comply and accept and avoid and not to upset the status quo. Well, the status quo has become so tainted and controlled that it is time to be a systems buster. Not by resistance, but by not allowing the old corrupt system to infiltrate anymore and to turn, in strength, to emanate what it is you do want and create from there.

On one hand, you are integrating intense new energies coming in to support the revitalization of your true self, and on the other, you are standing strong to deal with the acknowledgement and sorting of that which no longer supports the new world you are creating. Bring out your warrior spirit to handle it all. The most important thing to do it to know, in every aspect of your being, that you are powerful. You are wise. You are receptive with fine acuity to your inside and outside world. You know, in your heart, what serves you and others. You do not allow your mind to run off with you, as it is not fueled by fear, it is committed to service for love. It is locked in now. Your heart guides you. You are strong, so you are able to identify and accept the truth immediately because your attention is required in service to it. Assess the situation and act accordingly to your heart’s truth. Rest well, trusting your heart will inform you of required action in the perfect timing. Be like a cat – able to chill without being on red alert, and yet attuned to your environment and able to react with grace and agility in lightning speed. Yes, be like a cat. Connected half and half with the physical and etheric world, wise and confident, sensitive and strong, ready for anything, anytime and yet able to completely relax in the warm sunshine. You are all of this and more.

Much is churning in the outer world. With conviction and courage, and the determination to know the truth – and your truth – intend that you are most responsible for dealing with your own experience with integrity and strength. If each one did this for themselves, it makes the greatest contribution to The One. At our core, the beings of light are all here for the same purpose, to resolve the imbalances that have occurred by eradicating the world of the distorted darkness so that all can live free. It is time in this evolutionary story, for the consciousness of light to expand and take back charge of this Earthly realm. This is your ultimate purpose, to contribute to and experience this transformation. Feel deep inside of yourself how you know that you are a part of this next step in our evolution. Your heart has always known this. Your head will tell you there is nothing you can do, but do not listen. What you emanate in every aspect of your being in every moment, contributes to the whole. You are love. You are powerful. You are God consciousness in action. You care about it all. You know, deep in your heart, that you are part of the stream of life and that stream is coming alive and imbued with greater light in every moment! You ARE the stream of light that is creating the new world.

Use the power of your consciousness to create. Envision the world as it could be in its highest expression. Envision everyone coming together and living their lives based on love. Imagine how the world supports the magic of children and of new creations and of systems that are created by each one of us together, the brilliant people who care about people. Imagine heart-centred communities and interactions in harmony with the natural world. Imagine a clean world where we all live and travel freely without restriction. Imagine rules based on morality and freedom. Out picture a realm that honours all others as expressions of the same Source light. It is all possible as we make it so. Our hearts all desire the same thing, it is time to unite in common purpose. All we each need is to be and do, in each moment, what it is we desire to create. Each emanation creates the whole. We’ve got this!

Remember, too, to be guided by the purity of the universal laws of cause and effect, attraction, correspondence, rhythm, oneness, polarity, etc., for they govern our realm. Continue to intend that you are strong, resilient and responsive. You are a warrior for the light and the reestablishment of the rightfully powerful human love beings on Mother Earth. Estimate only your true power and contribution to this, after all, it is why your Soul chose to be here at this transformative time. You know, to shine in your greatest feline glory!

In full support of all that you are, we are,

The Council of Light Within



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