Everyone has their own Council of Light Within, it is just that they don’t choose to connect. Their own guidance and wisdom and insights are just a breath of light away. But it is a busy, crazy world out there, so it ends up infiltrating within. This doesn’t have to happen, but we have not cultivated lives that encourage internal focus, internal landscape, internal power, internal vitality…and so we keep running and chasing and end up in a constant state of fight or flight. And so, our nervous systems become the loudest internal communication, which is a state of emergency red alert. In this condition, we can’t handle another stimuli of any kind, and we are easily manipulated by outside forces of any kind. This has been the state of the modern world spinning ever more into chaos. There is one powerful way to stop it all, and that is focusing on our magnificent, powerful, resource rich, wise, peaceful world inside. There is no other way to turn the whole thing inside out. So, in the midst of the storm, close your eyes. Breathe. Settle your heart rate. Deepen into the great well of peace within. It is from this place that we change the world, one breath at a time. One choice at a time. Once frequency shift at a time.

Nothing can be solved by your mind. It processes information, but it is not the resolver. This is the capacity of the heart. So, take your concerns to your heart. It can handle everything. And by this we mean the resonate heart that encompasses the body’s physical heart. If your physical heart is burdened by trauma or outside pressure or red alert, it is difficult to get past the physical pain to access the wisdom of the sacred heart. It is your responsibility to keep your physical heart clear so that you can follow the guidance of your wise, spiritual heart. Ask for team’s help to clear what keeps you burdened. Intend that you are freeing yourself from anything keeping you down. Call on the angels to make the lessons clear so that you can release, through forgiveness (of self and others) all heart pain. It is time to untether yourself and be free to rise to a new, more radiant, expanded way of being. It is time to be more of the real, original you. Life has taught you well, now it is time to encompass all of your learning and elevate to the next level. It is your graduation point. Allow yourself to feel the truth of this and stand in your power. Take charge of your life and your experience. It all begins within.

When you get in touch your natural GPS, everything changes. You are no longer driven by external stimuli; you understand from a new perspective and are inspired to focus, and then act, in a new way. You begin to chart a new course; a new trajectory unfolds. Everything that no longer aligns with your new expression naturally recedes and as if from the ethers, new perspectives arise. It is like moving through clouded water and suddenly the water clears, and a spectacular reef appears. It was always there, but now you have moved to it and can perceive it with new eyes and new senses. This is the way dimensional shifts happen and you are the pilot making your way from muddy to clear waters!

What we speak of sounds so simple, yet it is the greatest leap one can make in their journey from victim to victor. From mass consciousness to individuation. As long as we are driven by the external world, we are enslaved. Once we realize we have the power within to navigate ourselves free, everything changes. And then we realize that we are the creators of our new experience, not just for ourselves but for everyone and everything, then the whole world changes.

Heal your broken heart and then everything changes. Are you ready?

We are always your Council of Light Within



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