Dear Light Warrior,

Nothing is different than ever before, and yet everything is different by its intensity and rising to the surface for resolution. So on one hand, you’ve got this, and on the other, you’ve got this. You are prepared for the culmination of the great polarities on your planet, for you have already chosen your side, that of the light. And so the compassion of the master is required. You have trained for every aspect of this resolution and now it is time to bring all of your strengths together and use them simultaneously. You have practiced every instrument and then every section of music, but now it is time to play the symphony. The summary notes are clear: you know where God is. Play from there. And so if you must review, consider all of the attributes of the Divine and feel them in you. Play from there. Consider that you have come here at this time to embody the Light Divine. And play from there.

You know the stage now, that this is the greatest resolution of the dark to the light ever in your world, and you have come, and are fully prepared, to contribute to its outcome. You didn’t think you would have signed up to watch from the sidelines did you? Of course not. You are too magnificent a warrior of light to just have settled for spectator seats…you are the star participant! It is time now to show up, suit up and clear up. There is nothing more you need to know about your opponent, except to ensure that your natural instincts and keen response are on full alert. Practice is over, the dress rehearsal complete. The stakes are high, the cause is honourable and your collective future is at stake, so now is the time to give it your all. It’s game day; now is the time to throw caution to the wind and show up as the master that you are. Every aspect of you is required and everyone is required. No holds barred.

So we coach you to use everything you’ve acquired: ground, centre, connect, breathe, charge, align, clear, strengthen, protect, guard, breathe, expand, cloak, challenge, blast, radiate, breathe, direct, command, focus, calm, breathe, rejuvenate - and repeat. Love is the greatest force in the universe, so it is your kryptonite. Become it, and the opponent concedes. Use it, and all benefit. Embody it and victory is assured.

In loving grace, we surround you. We are,

The Council of Light Within

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