Beautiful One,

How can we inspire greater peace for you right now other than to remind you that it comes from within? You have always been preparing for these times. It is just that as the spin intensifies towards the middle (centripetal force) and the energies compress within you, and you must use everything you’ve got within to birth yourself. You knew it was not outside of you, but now you are feeling it. The paradox is that it is outside forces that are pressing this radical change upon you. The vital trick is that you must use your inner strength to sustain yourself (with the opposite, centrifugal force) from within and not to collapse from the external force. These are two pressures of creation. All is One; you know that too. All roads have led to this moment.

Your lives-long preparation has gotten you to this point, so pat yourself on the back and feel the accomplishment that you have arrived at this point of questioning to innerstand what we mean…which, of course, means that you are here to help others get it too. You know what an inner journey it has taken to arrive here at this point with the awareness you have. A million questions have been conjured and answered even more than that, just in this lifetime! And so the teacher must return to the beginning with the wisdom she has long acquired, to convey the pure, simple, true wisdom for the initiate. One must understand the full language in order to teach the purity of each letter, sound and syllable. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. So the clarion call has come and it is time to express yourself from the truth you have come to know, for it is the word of God and will be heard.

Gather all strengths within you for this transition. Feel nothing less than the lion’s force of stealth, beauty, grace, wisdom, foresight, presence, agility, calm, ownership, sovereignty, protection, community, pride, determination, responsivity, will and ferocity within you. Everything that you have become and everything that you thought was still outside of you is yours now, and you must use it. This final opposition is upon you, and each individual strength inspires the collective force of light to win. You have the deep inner knowing that the light always wins, and that is a humbling, inspiring truth to steel you for the final relinquishment of the dark. Stand strong dear One; it is time. It is a personal stature of One that is supported by everyone together as One for the purpose of Oneness for All. All for One and One for All.

So what does the soldier do the night before battle?  She takes stock, she loves, she celebrates, she rests, she contemplates and she prays. She strengthens herself by her convictions and reminds herself why. She rises in the morning prepared and inspired by God to serve. One for All.

And so, we end again as we began to remind you that the peace you seek is within. It is only ever found within.

Onward light warrior!  We are forever on your side.

The Council of Light Within

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