Navigating Stormy Seas

Beautiful One,

Yes, it is challenging to navigate these stormy waters. You have long prepared for this seafaring journey, fraught with all manner of events to keep you from your true destination. It is designed as such. Remember that it is the journey that hones you, not the victory of arrival.

You may already take stock of profound and subtle things you have learned this year, on top of all prior years. Both at once profound and subtle is the interconnectedness of all things. If you ever pained by your loneliness or separation from everything, that is surely proven wrong now, never to be feigned again. You have been reminded of just how little you need to survive, and how much abundance actually surrounds you…as well as superfluity. There is well enough for all and you are an aspect of the all, so there is plentitude for sharing. Like being marooned, you have also been confronted with your inner landscape and the degree to which you are influenced – controlled – by your mind. This is a battle unto itself and even more shocking are the external broadcasts and narratives which are a mere reflection. Your relationships are the same, human, animal, environmental, spiritual... So this is an extremely important and valuable time to traverse the hall of mirrors, all the while witnessing what is before you. Like the life review conducted upon your physical death, you must look at it all: known and unknown, all past and all present. And so what must you do?  Atone. Look at it with an open, compassionate heart and deal with it…whether emotional processing, deeper intellectual understanding, forgiveness, compassion, or all matters of the heart. It is ALL a matter of the heart. It is through this powerful energy conductor cell that you must convey all of your experiences in order to transmute them into higher frequency light. No heavy, dense, unresolved, unharmonized cellular memory may exist so that you can become the transducer of higher vibratory light. There is no other way but to transmute the energy through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

In this mastery-coded year of 2020, it is time to see clearly our miscreations and draw them back into light. Nothing outside of us will do this, for it is ours. There is nothing outside of us, for the external is a personal and collective matrix projection. Once harmonized, then the field will be primed for miraculous manifestation without hindrance from the false field. To traverse this choppy sea, we must confront our darkest, lowest density attributes of division, hierarchy, dominance, violence, manipulation, insignificance, hatred, survival, and errs of irreverence for Mother Earth and all her life. It is the worst of all that we have done, and it is ours to transmute. We have much assistance to lift the veil and shine the light, but the deep responsibility is ours. We participated in it, so we can resolve it. We’ve got this.

There is no more important work to be done in our lives, for the resolution guarantees our freedom in the light-filled high frequency expression of our true selves! When the transmuting is complete, we can rejoice in our accomplishment. Each one does this with love for themselves. Each one contributes to the whole. We create a magnificent New Earth inspired by our true, unimpeded, brilliant, radiant light. Bring it on brothers and sisters, bring it on.

So face the winds and sea spray with courage and conviction that nothing will stop you. Do not fear the dark waters, sea creatures or phantom ships, for your arrival on solid ground is assured. There is nothing you will face that is not yours, so meet yourself with deep compassion and humility. Love yourself free. If it triggers, angers, saddens, confronts or instigates you, it is yours. It is all yours. See it and forgive yourself, and set yourself free.

The seas will not always be dark, for the sun always rises. The adage is true that it is often darkest before the dawn, so now is not the time to resign defeat. Decide that no matter what, you have the strength and conviction to succeed, for you are a warrior sailor of the light and you will navigate all that comes your way.

Victory is assured; we must do this final push to clear all that is disharmonious with Love.

Sail on, Beloved One, for dawn is calling. We are forever by your side.

The Council of Light Within


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