With Love  

Beloved Ones,

You have come to know that all is not as it seems. This is a position of power, not submission. Continue to allow this awakening to the truth to take place, using your innate wisdom and love. There is no other way! For when you come to understand that this is what you came here to experience, to uncover, to overturn, then you realize that you already have everything you require in order to succeed with strength and love. It would be appropriate to end every sentence here with “and love”! For “With Love” is the only way to traverse these monumental times. If this is not your prime motive to approach or resolve any aspect, then you are in for a rough ride. So command that Love is your purpose and guide, fully knowing that Love heals and forgives and transmutes and overcomes and creates…the most powerful force in the universe is at your command…why not use it however and whenever you can? Why not live by its code? Why not just Love, no matter what? Why not ask what Love would do? Why not hold such Love inside of you that it changes the world? Why not?

Keep seeking the truth. Desire to know the truth so that all illusion drops before you. Prepare that this could be everything and what you thought was real is not. Prepare that what you sought for refuge and justice and entertainment was deceptive. Prepare that what you have learned to date is not true. Prepare that your history is not as told. Prepare that much of your experience was like the intimidating false front of the Wizard of Oz that gets exposed behind the curtain. You will survive the fall of the false. You will find that With Love, you remain. What is true and pure remains. There is a reason that the false front dominated: it is because of you, the magnificent, beautiful, crystalline pure you that is so radiant and powerful. So what is falling away is not what is important, it is what remains and that is the pure you. Do you understand how important this understanding is? You are all that you have been seeking outside. It is within you! IT IS WITHIN YOU. Just like Dorothy, you had the power all along, you just had to prove it to yourself, and the time is now. Everything was turned to the opposite, upside down, to trick you. And so it is time to stand right side up, heart open, with Love.

Process all of your emotions with deep honesty and self forgiveness. Forgive others over and over. See the magnificent game of it, turn of it, brilliance of it…all to help you realize that you are The One. You must just believe it. And then what? It is time to realize that you have been a miraculously high performance expression of the Divine and you just didn’t know it. There isn’t an owner’s manual, but there are many Masters before and with you to help you remember. Allow yourself to wake up to your brilliant mind and heart and spirit and curiosity and skill and power and connection and that you are already everything you always wanted to be and more. And yet there is more. More to learn and more Love to experience and more beauty to see and more connections to make and more people to Love and more animals to Love and more to learn about your true history and the miraculous universe and that there is always, always more. More of everything and more. 

You are a co-creator with the Divine…do you understand what that means? That if you put your mind and heart to it, you can create anything you conceive? Do you realize that you have the solution within? You are a perfect key on the keyboard; without you, the scale would be broken. Your particular sound and light and frequency is a signature unlike any other, ever. You are more magnificent than you know. It is time that you remembered. It is time to know it within. It is time.

The way to come to know this is to go within. Spend time within yourself…in contemplation, prayer, meditation, creativity. Come to know yourself for the first time. Hear yourself, coach yourself, master yourself, Love yourself. It sounds trite to write this, but do you realize how little attention is given to the most important thing in your life – that is you? The world has trained you to drive outside of yourself and this habit must be turned around. It is within, not without. It is not the illusive carrot outside you, it is the golden one inside. 

You are beautiful. You are kind. You are thoughtful. You seek peace. You desire happiness. You Love others. You are generous. You are these things and so much more. You are powerful. You are multidimensional. You are brilliant in every way. You are galactic. You exist outside of the limits of time and space. You are sound and frequency. You are light. You are eternal. 

When you feel this, when you know this, everything changes for the extraordinary better. You are not an insignificant victim. You are an essential part of a unified whole that continually expands into greater expression. And you have freedom to create anything you want within that, based on the universal law of Love. How amazing is that? It seems inconceivable…but go ahead and try…you will experience the true extraordinary ride of your glorious life!

Just begin. Dare to feel this truth inside. While all about you in the external world is rearranging itself back to its original truth, so shall you…and as you re-experience the truth about yourself, so shall the world. And it will be created in your image.

Isn’t this the most brilliant of plot twists? Prepare for the most beautiful outcome of all. Your dreams come true right before your eyes and you will have created them!

Ever present in your ever unfolding story, we are, 

The Council of Light Within


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