Stay the Course

Beautiful Ones All,

The greatest message we can give you right now is: stay the course. You have learned so much to this day, it is now absolutely critical that you put it all into play. You are becoming the multidimensional beings that you know yourselves to be but have not been able to express. And so it is like you have been in training and now it is time to move from the simulator to the true cockpit! You have learned all of the technical information and have learned what all of the controls do…now it is time to put them all in play in dynamic time. But do all the protocols that a pilot has been trained to do…go through your checklist, fuel up and strap yourself in; now is the time to use what you know and go to the big sky. And we could go much farther with this metaphor, but you get the point. It is time. You know what to do. 

And so the winds are moving, shifting and changing. You can feel the tension in the wind. These are the times for which you have prepared. You have everything that you need. The most important thing is not to get caught in the storm, for that is just clearing the old that the new can be born. So stay the course. Keep doing whatever you need to do to stay grounded, strong, clear and charged. Focus on the outcome, not on the process. You did not know how formidable your adversary was until now, or you may not have gotten through the training. Facing inward was enough challenge! And now you must take everything you have learned about yourself: that you are a powerful, multidimensional, supercharged beacon of divine light, here to participate in the unified cause. You’ve got this! We’ve got this! 

Just like all warriors, you conquered yourself first, wrestling your defiant small self to the ground, that your True Self could emerge victorious in the light. It was the best training for these times. For now you must do this, in unity with and for the greater good, with victory of the light for all at hand. What better preparedness is there than your own personal transformation experience to be invested in the cause? And so you must use everything you learned on your personal journey to approach this universal journey, for all of the same assets are at stake. Your personal investment becomes a universal one. Where one goes, all go, for the good of all. You are learning to unify on the ground in one voice, one heart, one mind to reestablish the original paradise template on Earth. This reverses the oppression and empowers each individual to participate in the collective outcome. It is like a ball that has been constricted by outside forces, like being forced under water – that is released and finally bursting free! It will only take the collective resistance to the opposite pressure to do so. This is building. You are part of this resistance. You will contribute to and experience the great revolution to return to your original and true evolution. A masterful plan, don’t you think? We must experience what we are not in order to know who we are! The grand finale of the duality experience. Ka-pow!

There is much to do, but do not be overwhelmed by this or you will be frozen. Start small…get prepared within. Prepare your nest. Prepare your environment. Clear your mind. Process your emotions. Keep training. Stay healthy and strong. Rest. Pray for each soul to follow their inner promptings. Envision the outcome you desire. Send light to everyone and everything, including the dark, for it is evolving too. Know that you are all of it and lovingly come to peace with it within. Accept change. Be willing to release the old and welcome the new, even if you don’t know what either fully means. Be vigilant about radiating from your heart and defend all that is not true for you. Deflect negative energy and absorb positive. Fuel up with light at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do what is required to make things right in your small world, that it contributes to the constructive outcome of the big world. One for all. Discern what is needed and what you can do in your circle of influence - your family, colleagues and your community. Lead them to be leaders. Stand strong in your power, no matter what swirls around you. See, think, feel and act with clarity.  Love is the greatest power of all…use it often! Expand your mind and your consciousness, even if you don’t know what that means. Intend that it is so. What has been kept from you is immense and inconceivable, so allow it in as it comes. Know that you can handle anything. Do not resist; you’ve got this. Expect the unexpected. Expect miracles. Expect that what you have known is just a very small piece of a huge matrix. Expect to know that you were never alone, even if you wanted to be! Expect that everything you know to be true will continue to expand. Expect for your mind to be blown…in a good way! Have no expectations; expect only to expect.

More than anything, know that the light is victorious and that what is happening for the world is greater than any outpicturing you could imagine. It just has to be turned inside out first. Know that you are an integral part of this transformation and that you will be guided and protected through it all. You are front line warriors of light who are making a new world before your own eyes. You are God creating in action, with all of the support of God’s forces behind you. The edge of creation is God experiencing Itself anew through you. So make it good. Make it beautiful. Make it imbued with all you know that is goodly and Godly. All that makes you soar with joy and abundance and love and peace and unity and purpose and belonging. What is good for you is good for all others, so at least, you can expect that!

You are honoured for all that you are doing and being and accomplishing. You are supported beyond your wildest imagination by legions of fellow light warriors to ensure the outcome. We encourage you to witness this with your insight…for you will never doubt again.

We join you with much love and deditation, ever present as your

Council of Light Within


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