Q & A about The Great Awakening

Beloved One,

Your questions are many and we are here to shed some light toward your heart’s yearnings. The basic question and answer, call and response, is the basis for free will. The desires of your heart will be met…and so light arrives where you desire to expand your consciousness.

~ How much of what we are caught in right now is false and what are we to do about it?

It is completely conjured, completely false. That sounds ridiculous, we know. You are powerful creators and you are waking up to all of the weaknesses of your miscreations within the system. But bigger than that, you have created it all within a small bubble without the full innerstanding of the whole. It is like you were given a very small canvas and tools with which to create, within limited circumstances. This is what is coming to light. It is a powerful set up for a great rebirth and re-owning of your true power. It is brutal and beautiful at the same time, for the great power of the human spirit is alive and well. All will come to the great awakening in their own time and their own ways within the terms of free will and unconditional love. Anything other than this – including being told – will not suffice…until the questions are asked. (Just as you are asking now, Beloved!)

What to do about it is the most important aspect of this question, for this is a deeply individual, personal pursuit. In yearning for and pointing your compass to the truth, you are finding it. One’s heart must desire it first. And then be open to receive it and pursue the great unravelling of it (like untangling a huge fish net). It requires patience, perseverance, and especially, the sincere inner willingness and courage to process the complex emotions through your body. This takes time and diligence, which is why forcing another can be traumatic and cause karmic ties. It is against universal law, so respect of that at this time of sorting is important.

~  What is going to happen on a global level in the coming days, weeks and months?

Everything that is already happening now and more. It is the time of great upheaval and change. It is vitally important that you do not contribute to any generation of fear…the fear that is arising is enough for everyone to have to process! It is like the silt is being stirred and the waters muddied, but in time, things will be cleansed and sorted and the waters will be clear again. Nothing will be the same as it was and that is cause for celebration, for the new can arise on solid ground as never before...there was far too much created through falsehood, deception and ill-intent. With this cleared out, the right, the true and the pure may be established. It is a beautiful future…you must be strong and clear and faithful during this time that all that is negative must be cleared out. There has been an evil intent that has kept you enslaved, and with its eradication, your freedom is assured. Consider yourself a revolutionist and pioneer of the new way based on your favourite subject: LOVE!

Do not fear this change. Remain stalwart in your commitment to love. Trust that all will be well and that you have the deep inner strength to endure anything for the purpose of love. What falls was not aligned with this core purpose or wasn’t meant to endure the course. Know that you will be safe and that all of your needs will be met. You are not alone, and love is all about you. The world is not a dark place, it is a place of glorious light that is eradicating low frequency darkness that has no place on Mother Earth. So think of it this way: the beautiful playground got tainted by the miscreations of bullies, and a big wind storm is coming to remove them and their deeds, and you and your loved ones will get the grounds back to recreate what is right and true and beautiful. Keep outpicturing that: all that you will create when you are free and unencumbered to do so!

~ What do I need to do today, right now, to be in this in the right way?

Hold the love that you already are burning bright inside of you. Stay quiet and connected and radiant. Forgive everything and everyone. Clean up your own silt. Process your emotions honestly and recalibrate to love. Do whatever you need to do to ensure your nest is cared for and abundant. Take care of all of your own business, whether on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Love everything. Witness everything. Connect to nature. Move your body and stimulate joy within as much as you can, for the world needs extra right now. Be grateful for everything. Witness the miraculous beauty of nature. Stay grounded and go deep within your soul’s presence in your body. Do not let negativity roost in your mind. Watch your thoughts…keep things simple, and profound. Love everything. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t proceed in that way; be sure to recalibrate to make sure it does. There will be sadness and an array of heart-felt emotions. Let them just be the colours you paint with in that moment, for they are not the entire canvas.

~ Is there anything else I need to know?

You are love and you are loved. Is there anything else that matters?

We are always here to answer your questions for the answers exist as soon as you ask them.

The Council of Light Within Everyone


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