Be in It, Not of It

Beloved One,

Don’t lose sight of the goal now! It is easy to get exasperated just before the final push, but after all of this effort and with the outcome getting closer, do not lose faith. Persevere. Keep yourself standing and committed and positive. Call in support. Use the light to sustain and energize you. Rest as much as required and have healthy fuel and thoughts inside you. Remember who you are. No matter what storm or darkness flies around you, it is not you and it is not the outcome. Stay clear and remain fixed on the light. Know that all else that arises at this time is coming up to be cleared, both within and outside of you; it is still not the truth of you!

There is much chaos brewing. Stand strong and remember who you are. Be in it, but not of it. This is the way of the Master. Use all that you have learned to now: peace and calm are yours if you choose to embody it. You are a Child of God, and nothing has power over you that you do not allow. Call upon your dragon spirit and feel its presence within you. The time of reckoning has begun. There is nothing that you need to learn or know that you don’t already have inside of you. You are connected to Divine Wisdom at all times. Maintain this contact and you will be perfectly guided by your internal devices. If it does not feel right by first instinct, then it is not right and defense will be required. If it is right, then the path will be clear, inspired and navigable. Obstacles are to be questioned: are they to heighten your awareness, or mere distractions? Deliberate offenses or delay tactics? Stay keen and bright…all will be shown to you. This is the art of empowered battle. You are to be like a masterful martial arts warrior wielding power to ensure the honorable, worthy opponent succumbs to complete defeat and retreat.  It is done, and so it is.

Who would have thought that your passage into living the higher frequencies would require the eradication of darkness on such a grand scale? You were insulated enough to believe it was just inside of you…and now you know by your experience that you are in symbiotic universe where what is yours is universal! As above, so below; as within, so without; oneness cannot be achieved without this complete understanding. Out with the old, in with the new; all of these pearls now make deeper sense. Now you may understand why awakening is a beautiful spiral process, for what was old is new again by revisiting.  Just when we thought we understood, greater truths are revealed and more layers of ah-has arise! Such magnificent folly. Such tricks of the truth trade! Enjoy every unveiling like a magician pulling the cloth to reveal what you least expected and yet already knew. Isn’t life grand?!

Do whatever you can to stay alert, peaceful, fiery and joyfully receptive – all at the same time. Above all, cultivate your humored response, remembering that the angel’s state of being is filled with mischievous joy and laughter! The victory of the light is assured. 

In abiding presence, we are The Council of Light Within


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