Stand Strong Knowing Victory of the Light is Assured

Beloved One,

Continue to keep your centre, no matter what. As the winds build, the sky changes and the storm nears, you must maintain what you have developed in the preceding times. Calm, strong, centered strength. Conviction of who you are and why you have come and what your purpose is in each moment. Do not allow yourself to be seduced by external stories and drama, for this is effluvia that must not entangle you. From this strong, clear stance upon a scout hill, you can survey the action from a neutral observation point. You are the general that looks upon the panorama as a strategic witness and calm determination with assurance of the victorious outcome. Nevertheless, the battle must be played out. The struggle is very real for many others, so remain compassionate and open-hearted to guide and protect as you can…all the while assisting with the strategic outcome of the victory of the light. 

The times ahead are critical to the continuing influx of light to the planet. You are the receptor, the living crystal light on the ground. You are the beacon of what you willfully receive and radiate from within you. What is real is what is within. The external is merely a game board, a construct for the game to play out. It is important, but what is paramount is what you are receiving and radiating from within. So have a strategic eye on the external game, but the most important is what state you are emanating. Where are your thoughts - are they hopeful and helpful and uplifting and expansive? Where are your emotions – are they being acknowledged and expressed and reset to joy and positivity? Are you physically moving and stretching and connecting to the Earth – do you feel youthful and vital? Are you resting and eating well? Do you know in every cell that you are radiantly healthy? Are you loving yourself and your field through this transition? This is your primary responsibility. Fill your entire experience with love and grace…the world needs more of this and you are the receptor.  

When the external world rocks and rolls, do not ride the roller coaster; watch from afar. Do not engage in conflict or division. Know your principles and limits and represent them with conviction. Participate only in peaceful expressions of protest, remembering that everything you put out, returns to you. Make the ripples the ones you want back. Trust that you are guided and protected at all the same force that is within you…it is not external. When difficult decisions arise, go within for resolution. Listen to the still, small voice within you for the wisest guidance. There is always a creative solution that can sit well with your soul. The path of least resistance has value most often, but never when it diminishes you. Do not allow that to happen…always protect your own strength and sovereignty so that it exemplifies the same for others.  Consider the most important contagion, which is love.

Ensure that you are self-sufficient in every way. Be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually autonomous as this will allow you to move independently and stealthily during any challenge ahead. Remain peaceful no matter what. This too shall pass…and pass victoriously into light. All things good are coming, but the bridge to it is fraught with some ogres and trolls set to disrupt the path. Merely charge on through with confidence, knowing you are immune to their folly. 

You are a dragon-rider that has no time for minor disturbances. Your contribution as a spiritual warrior is vital to the successful outcome. Now is not the time to be complacent. Stand strong in your knowing, for your convictions will guide you. Nothing less than the freedom of the planet is at stake.

We are with you all the way as comrades in arms. Remember: victory of the light is assured.

The Council of Light Within


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