Your Heart Beckons

Beautiful One,

We know you think you need a brilliant mind to figure out what is really going on in the world, but you don’t. You just need a brilliant heart. These are the times of learning to navigate with your real and true sextant, which is your central emotional centre, your wise conductor, your beacon and homing device all at once. You have been programmed to respond with your limited mind, which can only evaluate based on the past and therein your limitation resides. Your heart has no limitations. Your heart KNOWS so much more than your mind. Your mind is just the calculator, your regional computation centre for daily repeat functioning. It is not the navigator and pioneer of the new! It can’t know how. But your magnificent, beyond-the-world-without-boundary heart has no restrictions. It knows exactly what is right for you. 

So now is the time to know your heart. Nothing or no one else is its charge. It softens by healing what aches in it by loving it back to its original radiance. When you have chosen peace of the heart, then its full power begins to show itself to you. And this is just the beginning. It first heals your entire energy field and your ego learns to line up, surrendering to its grace. Your ego’s acquiescence doesn’t have to instill further pain, but do not underestimate the alchemical power of humility, the great equalizer. Therein compassion is born. And to embody compassion is the goal, for nothing impure can dwell in it. Compassion melts away all miscreations, and the truth that remains as a result is a bountiful cache. 

Now you can see and hear with your heart. All of your emotional centers converge in your heart that you may know from your heart. It is said that the journey from the head to the heart is long, but the time is now in your path of enlightenment. The golden path between them has much treasure as your pineal gland beacons, your inner seeing and hearing ignites and your voice of truth is opened. You become very aware of your crown of harmonious faculties now charged together. And the sprouting of your wings arises! From the heart down you are anchored in the strength of the Mother and from the heart up, you are guided by the strength of the Father: the truly radiant Universal Child is born. Can your heart know the feeling being described here? Do you know that this is true? If it is not yet born within you, intend that it be known to you, and it will be so.

Now then, what to do? There is much flotsam and jetsam flying around out there, all a result of the dismantling of the old. And the airwaves are jammed with the constant commentary about it, so the waters are very muddy. Lies, deceit and manipulation abound. Your heart is a pure beacon of light understanding and does not register falsehood. So at this time of radical transformation on the planet, it is important that you do not look to the murky waters for clarity. Go within the sacred chamber of your heart (only what is truly yours resides there) and ask to know (already the amalgamation of seeing, hearing and feeling) clearly. What is right and true for me? Nothing external can or will ever guide you like your own heart’s truth. So turn off the news (it is fraught with falsehood). Silence external chatter. Media of any kind is not your true source. Nor are your loved ones or associates. No one or no thing else should ever be given charge over your own heart. It is your truest guide; your own true GPS system. It is exclusive. It is not designed for another, nor is theirs for you. Your heart is your sacred truth. Treat and guard it as such and it will never, ever betray you. Under its stead, you will be guided every step of the way. It seems treacherous out there, but in here, it is peaceful, clear, safe, joyous, wise, abundant, pure, harmonious and filled with boundless unconditional love. Now…what is it you were seeking?

And so your heart beckons. There is no greater resource for you. It is your receptor of unlimited peace, wisdom and grace from Divine Source. You carry it within you. That is why it is said you are the one you have been waiting for, the Kingdom of God is within, you must become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, what you seek is hidden in plain sight. It is your beautiful heart! Get to know it like never before. It will never lead you astray. It is your greatest advisor. Take any questions or concerns to it and ask for clarity guidance and know that it will be given. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door will be open to you. You are the Holy Grail. You are an open chalice into which God’s pure light pours…open and receive it.

We will say it once again: no one or no thing outside of you holds your truth. This is your heart’s prerogative. Let the pure love of your heart guide you…all the way back to itself.

We are, forever in your heart, where all great beauty resides!

The Council of Light Within



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