Be the Big Love

Dear One,

You are learning about the Big Love. The kind that isn’t so messy or complex or riddled with entanglements. Big Love is the one that blends polarities and sees as God sees and knows as God knows. In the world of opposites, it is hard to reach. In the world of higher perspective, it is natural. It is time to be your natural self, outside of the clash of polarities. You have learned what it is you needed to learn…it is a painful way to experience, but the advancements are strong because you have something to push against on either side of the spectrum. But the clash of opposites is in its final eruption…do what you can to stay neutral and in full remembrance of who you really are. Need we remind you of that, you awesome Divine Spark, you?!

These are difficult times of potential tearing and angst and grief. Allow those true emotions to rise and heal your role in any of it by intending that your karmic story, while being acknowledged, is cleared and forgiven. You have been it all, which is part of the Grand Design. You did well, faithful servant, and now it is time to assume your own crown - your own place as a God expression here and now. Are you beginning to really feel that inside? If you forgot, just get quieter. It is there. Your remembering is connecting you to your infinity: that which has no bounds or restraints. It is boundlessly free. Isn’t that what your true heart has always yearned for? It is because it is your greatest truth.

One who remembers does not judge or condemn those who do not. The biggest compassion for all is being called for now. Every single aspect of this grand, complex universe is to be viewed with Divine Neutral, Compassionate Perspective. It is more complex and more historied and more embattled thanyou could ever have imagined. It is the oppression and innocence that has kept it from you. Now it is time to wake up to the truth of every aspect in order for you to bring it to light of consciousness. You cannot fully acknowledge and assume the higher perspective if you only look at the blades of grass. There is oh-so-much more to comprehend. If you are to assume your true role, you must rise up in understanding, perspective, responsibility, consciousness and ability to embody unconditional love for all. This is the Big Love. 

You are rising into Divine Consciousness within your human body. No mean feat! You must navigate the previous limitations of your life experience and physical body and unruly emotions and restricted mental capacity and perceptions…to realize you are oh-so-much-more than you ever conceived. The glass ceiling and bubble and bushel basket has been smashed and you are about to experience your true self! So…how will you know you are “there”?

You will feel a deep inner stirring. You will begin to feel differently. You will feel like your eyesight is changing…fuzzy at first and then new colours and shapes will arise. Your inner sight will do the same and the two will merge…you will be seeing more, seeing differently in colour and shape, perceiving interdimensionally. Your hearing will do the same…those high pitched sounds will begin to communicate and your inner and outer hearing will merge. Your feelings will become more heightened as a language…not tsunamis of pain from your own experience, but a language of knowing that steers you through the world. You can feel what is right and where to go and what is being communicated. Your feelings become part of your visual, auditory, sensory language. 

You will come to live in the creation of your imagination. You will experience the purpose and bliss of creation for the benefit of the whole. You will have more energy as you tap into universal energy and are no longer engulfed in the density. Your will feel lighter and more nimble and resilient physically. Healing will take place naturally and with focused intent. You will rise up in every way…in a knowingness of synchronicities and interactions with other equals as you join with your Soul Family contingent. Your mission will be clear and your role in it a perfect fit of equals as the need for leaders and followers shifts into equanimity of awesome contributors to the whole. It is everything your heart has desired without daring to ever conceive it could be possible. Well, it is all on its way. Including blissful streams of joy and abundance and purpose…there will no longer be a feeling of futility about anything. All will be about the Big Love and conscious evolution.

So, while the external world is in the “weeping and gnashing of the teeth” stage, rest in the expanse of your kind, compassionate and grateful heart. Do whatever you are called upon to do to assist, and rest in deep compassion for this great evolutionary step of human consciousness…and contribute to its miraculous unfoldment. The outcome is assured, the path and timing of its inevitability, is up to each in their contribution to the whole…as the lightworkers of the world unite to show the way.

Yes, you are that powerful, that humble and that magnificent to co-create the heavenly outcome. Be stalwart on the journey. Live now as the radiant beacon of peace, love and light that you are, for many gather with you in this great shared purpose. 

You are all you ever have sought, this is the greatest mystery of all. 

With abiding love and reverence, we are,

The Council of Light Within


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