Focus on the Ball

Dear One,

There is much to convey, as there is much silt stirred up in the ethers. Foremost, seek clarity, and that is clarity required for your own perception. For each it is different, for each has their own lense into their truth. The dust being stirred is essential for the reformation of the paradigm in which you live. This is the most energetically tumultuous time you have ever experienced in this life, so be graceful, tolerant, understanding and wise. Each is sorting their own state, their own lessons, their own perceptions, their own path. It is not unlike the journeys of the past, but there is so much speeding up at the moment that there is no rest, no pause for integration which was afforded in the past. Moving on up is the action now, swept into this Great Transformation. You have prepared well for this, but it is all new. This is what you have come here to experience, but it has not been accomplished before, as the collective is creating it, so the ride is being designed in every moment. And it is a wild ride indeed!

But, you’ve got this. The victory of the light is assured. The method to its rise is not. And so you ride it out to its own grace. This will take some time in your experience, so patience, patience, patience – all the while trusting that all is resorting itself, reshuffling, reforming into a grander outcome that you are able to conceive and perceive from your current vantage point. Trust is the name of the game. Active participation is demanded, for you are its creator! There is no time to lose, for this is a conscious, active momentum now that requires your energy input. You are both the witness and the actor. Life up until this moment was one thing, and now, you are creating before you a divinely-inspired outcome that is inconceivable. You will not know yourself or your experience the same ever again. That is why there is so much emotional layers of healing taking place, for you must resolve and dissolve all enmeshment of your entire timeline up until now so that you can be free to experience the new creation unabated in each moment. Let it go and briefly rest. Let it go and briefly rest. This is the most dynamic transition you have experienced, so hang onto nothing…not even your hat!

What you do have is great, however. You have your singular, profound and unbreakable link to Divine Source. You have cultivated this relationship from your blind end very well…this was part of the intent…that you would stretch so far in your darkness that you yearn to return to your true source. Your true home. Your origin. You heart’s yearning has brought you this far, why would you ever doubt that it will return you home? It is done. But the process of its experience is yet to come. Enjoy every excruciating, divine moment! As long as you are heart-centered, you will be on your truest trajectory. Inspiration, rewards and God-winks are assured.  There will be many and they will be ever-increasing by the now moment. You will know that you are faced in the right direction by these signs. Keep seeking them. Keep facing the light. Keep breathing and consciously experiencing each step. This is a divinely delicious mission and now is definitely not the time to surrender defeat. Remember that you chose this mission, and all roads have led to now. It is miraculous…at the least!

And so the spiral of creation spins. Out of the chaos will come its reformed perfection. There is no making sense of it now, but you are the origin of its contents, so keep focusing on the ingredients that you know, which are fueled by your heart’s yearning to return. There will be no more pain, oppression, suppression, conflict, comparison, categorization, manipulation, containment, strategy, victimization, rationing, imposing structure, distortion, control, efforting, maneuvering, survival, slavery, prostitution, torture, hatred, deceit, forfeiting or inoculation. All that diminishes you will be gone! And a welcoming of the expansive, light-filled, radiant, glorious, harmonious, joyful, cooperative, egalitarian, communal, uplifting, love-inspired and filled comradery and conscious co-creation will ensue! It is worth the wait. It is worth the patience. It is worth the pain of blind trust and complete faith required to create. It is worth the separation from the separation and the falling away of mistruths and the pain of perceived attachments. It is all worth it. All victory is assured. We promise you. There is no victory without the transformative alchemy of that which it is not. But then this will also be gone, for this form of dualistic teaching will no longer be required. You no longer have to choose against it, for you have become that which you have chosen. The great paradox of duality. 

Do not waiver from your goal of seeking your heart’s desire, for it will be met!  You can be rejoicing that even while the swirling sand is getting temporarily in your eyes, that in the blink of your eye, that the winds will have calmed and the sun is radiant and clear on the horizon. You will be able to see and feel and taste and discern with radical clarity. No more fuzzy, confusion and blindness. No more opposition to fear, no more enemy to overcome. Remain stalwart in your conviction to “make it to the promised land” and do whatever you can to assist your brothers and sisters to make the journey too. It is not a forced journey of coercion (remember, that is behind you now), but be ever-ready and ever-sure that you are there on the path holding your lantern high and being ready to assist however requested. The attainment is determined by the weakest member, so lend a hand to that aspect of yourself that is lagging behind. Your compassion is YOUR compassion. You deserve that, as you always have.

And so we leave you with this: do not waiver in your determination. Do not forget that this is why you have come. Don’t forget that this is the greatest ride there ever was, and you don’t want to miss any remarkable aspect of the final miraculous plays of the game. For now, focus on the ball all the while knowing that the goal is assured. You know your team – and you play, and win – with deep humility and grace. For that is who you are!

And we are here, as always, on the sidelines cheering you on.

The Council of Light that is Everywhere and Within


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