The Time of All Times


It is a time of great turmoil and peace…such polarities to digest inside yourself. Be gentle, for this degree of processing can be crazy-making, but it is the alchemy that you must transmute on your journey at this time. Feel it all. The Earthly experience is so intense in its lessons, but of course, that is why you have come. And being here at this time is the time of all times, the time that you have prepared for, the time for which you are born to transpire. But these times are volatile and transitory, confusing and opposing, escalating and polarizing. Experiencing it is very exhausting, and oh-so-necessary in order for the majority to choose their focus and contribute to the outcome. So do not let it bring you down. Hold your strength and conviction for what you know to be right in your heart and let your head gently sift through the chaos to find understanding and peace. All of your systems are being called upon at once to be alive and process what is taking place in every arena, from every angle. It is a “once and for all” opportunity that provides great change. 

Have you not already gone through much of this inside yourself? Ask only to receive notice of that which is unresolved in you…for that is what you must focus upon. You don’t need to do the whole thing…just the parts that garner your attention, always. It is like a final exam…stirring up in you what needs resolution and testing what is already in place. You know that the ultimate goal is to feel deep peace within that is created by deep love and compassion for yourself, all others, and for Mother Earth. The former processing of great depths of emotion and understanding have taken place to get you where you are in this moment…and yet, there is always more. This is what the great unrest is here to do…provide a complete repertoire of teachings…all while the 3D world is in full expression, doing its perfect blind teaching offerings. It is the hardest of all…to be challenged with life and death understanding while forgetting who you really are. There is no greater opportunity to remember! Such is the paradox of life on Earth in these times. But soon, the great clashes will create the presence of their opposite: great truths and great miracles. There is also a great and profound unity that is taking place inside of you and in the ethers…a gathering of collective energy unlike ever generated by human consciousness. The proof that there is one force, one truth, one outcome assured by those who generate it, and that is: LOVE. 

Joined by the unifying forces of love, a collective human consciousness will participate in the rebirth of itself based on a deep, inner remembrance and faith that they are sparks of the divine. It is like choosing to be a magnifying glass through which light passes and concentrates to form a charge of light force to create a beam of light that supercharges and ignites the new. Scattered, original source light must come back together to refract back into source light. Get it?  You forget so you can remember so you can recreate it. The great experiment will work! And you are here to participate in its outcome. 

And so your concentrated focus is vital right now and in every right now moving forward…in dedicated and stalwart way, like a spiritual warrior commanding the light. This is your time! This is your mission! You must feel this stirring inside and know, deep inside your heart, that you hold an unwavering conviction for your role in this and now it is time to ACT. This begins inside, then moves to your outward daily expressions by the choices you make with your time, your intellect, your physicality, your diet, your intentions, your actions, your conversations, your associations, your spiritual practice, your resources, your causes, etc. You are a source generator of light, so use it in a determined and focused manner. Everything you do matters now as time is speeding up and the energies are intensifying like the centre of a vortex. Stay calm and focused. You know what you know and you have prepared for this for eons. Lock in your truth and convictions about love and who you really are. Honour this above all else. Charge high-frequency energy streams of vitalizing and protective light around you and your family, home, community, region, country and the entire world. Link this light into the highest and true power light grid around Mother Earth and it will be infused with your convictions about love and who you really are…joining the collective remembrance of all.

And so every breath you take will be dedicated to the cause of igniting the New Earth. It is important to be aware of what is taking place on the ground so that you can act according to your convictions as required. You are here to defend yourself and the highest outcome for your brothers and sisters. It is a personal and collective effort, so join with like minds and causes as your heart calls. Do not deviate from your purpose to rescue those who do not seek help…your hand must reach out to those who reach for it first. You can inspire and provoke movement only so much before your own intent is marginalized. Do not allow your energy to be depleted in this way, for it is needed by the collective now. Follow the true inner promptings of your heart, for as you know, it is your unfailing GPS system. But know that these promptings also require tough decisions too, for true heart-centred guidance always considers the well-being of self first while dedicated to the ultimate goal for all. This is an important rule to remember when you are a warrior of the light that serves the whole world…one cannot falter for long on a missed step when there is a greater march at stake. Keep on keeping on. Do not falter in service to the light and to the outcome the depth of your true inner heart dictates. 

We are with you in strong lines of support as you wield your light force for the good of all,

The Council of Light Within You


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