Dear One,

Things are not as they seem in the outer world, but you know that by now. These are the times of great transformation on the planet, so structures fall like eroding sand, undermined by the rush of water/change from below. You must gather all that you know and apply it in every moment to remain resolute, connected and clear. You know who you are and why you are here and what you must do in every now moment based on your inner compass. You have trained for this for eons and you are now birthing the New Earth, the real New World, and the attempted full hijacking must be dissolved…at the same time that contractions have begun! It is all divinely guided, so the best way you align with the highest outcome to ensure that you are in your divinely-guided self at all times now. Call in everything you know and every skill you have learned and every resource available. Remember that this is the plane of free will, and so you must ask and give permission to the legions of assistance that is always available to you, but most especially at this time. We are the warriors of light, called upon to carry the torch and create at the same time! No matter what is going on in the outer world, it cannot cause us to close our hearts again. That caused the fall the last time, and we are evolved and bolstered in our mastery now to keep our hearts open as we traverse these radically transformational times. In fact, we can even join the choirs of angels in toning the new into creation!  

The foundations are rocking, which is necessary. Remember to focus on what is being created and not the dissolution of the old. You are a powerful being of light with the strength to withstand the storm and hold divine presence here and now. God needs a body and we are that holographic presence here on Earth, traversing 3D to 5D. We are the vital carriers, transmitters, beacons of that light…it is accomplished through us. It is time to fully comprehend this. WE ARE THE TRANSDUCERS OF DIVINE LIGHT. Because the primary setup of the Earth plane is governed by free will, we as beings of this plane must CHOOSE and ALLOW the new frequencies to alchemize through us in order to create the new. We are divine co-creators in the likeness of God. The primary difference between those who are asleep and those who are awake is this gnosis. And once awake, the responsibility for right action is ignited. To whom much is given, much is expected. You have received the bounty of the universe, so now you are to share it  however you are inspired by your sacred, unique signature.

The louder the outside clamber, the more sincere will be your internal calling. Go within to seek everything you need, for nothing is outside of you now. Once you KNOW that you are a spark of the Divine, there is no other place to seek it, for you are its hologram. Why seek solace in the decay when you are a spark of the Divine?! Doesn’t it even seem silly now to consider that anything of importance could come from external distortions of the matrix? Now that you have figured that out, it is time to create from the one true place, the only true place you know, and that is WITHIN. 

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven within…now what was your question? Or the best of all: the answer is LOVE…now what was the question?!

We have always been with you and will always be with you. We are your greatest support, your true fans and cheer you along the entire journey of freedom in the light.

Have you ever known God to lose?

The Council of Light Within


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