The outside world is a chaotic cauldron of miscreation. It is vitally important for you to remember at all times, that you are not that! It is easy to perceive that we are involuntarily polluted by this burning off, this release of effluvia. You are not that, so do not allow the baby to be thrown out with the bath water! In each moment that you hold the chaos inside of you or mistakenly believe you are not separate from it, your internal world is polluted, but this is not necessary. It is so important to realize that you are the antidote to it. You have the power to command peace, to command natural order, to hold a space of balance in the midst of it. The more that you can do this, the more the storm will be calmed. You are the solution.

So “how do I do this?”, you ask? The answers are the basic tenants of the spiritual aspirant:

First, take command of your breath, all the while knowing that this breath of life is the body’s experience of the interconnectedness of all things, of the fuel for human existence, of the preciousness and the illusiveness of life. Without the breath, you are not embodied on Earth. Cherish it and nourish your body with it consciously.

Feel the magic of your body and its miraculous perfection; how it naturally thrives and serves as the most complex and untapped organic technology we know of on Earth. Tapping into the miracle of your own body draws the miracle of all life into your consciousness. When you are aware of your own extraordinary nature, all nature – no matter its form – can be revered. It lives in you.

Learn to witness the mind and separate the identity of yourself and your mind. You are not your thoughts…you are so much more. Expanded consciousness does not allow the squeakings of the machine to dictate its course. When you feel the disassociation of the mind from your being, you witness your experience from an objective stance that shifts your perspective to one without boundaries. This is a profound peek into the Divine Mind…and the more you experience it, the more you realize that you embody it! There is no separation.

When these things come alive inside of you consciously, you begin to realize your power. The power to take dominion over your own existence, your own body, your own mind, your own perception, your own energy, and then the real fun begins. A deep strength abides in you, for you know that you are here for just that purpose: embodiment. You are here to bring your light to the world however you are inspired to do so. You bring alive all of your physical senses and especially, your extra-sensory abilities, all completely natural and built-in to your sophisticated biocomputer. And you realize it is just the beginning of the utilization of your true abilities which can be used to help others and serve the evolution of our realm and beyond.

You also realize that you are never alone, nor could you be. You are deeply interconnected with all things and you have a tremendous sea of support and communion around you…all accessed by your consciousness. While the external attachments may draw away, what fills them is an association with much more expanded, more interdimensional associations that have no limitation. You also begin to realize that you hold within all that you ever sought outside of you. You are what you were always looking for “out there”.

A strength builds. A clarity arrives. The connection deepens. Peace permeates. Your heart leads. Magic unfolds. Synchronicities are natural. Miracles abound. The old dissolves and the new flows in. Learning is constant. Things lighten up. Love abides. Truth reigns. Your mind gets blown. Your internal eye can see farther. You disidentify with the body but become more present in it. Paradoxes abound. Dualities make sense. Black and white merge. You hear beyond sound. You sense what is real. You know you are not separate from any of it. You feel to create. You know what to do because you are connected to Divine Mind. You effortlessly act on what you know to be right and true and good. You have boundless energy because you always know that you are connected to Eternal Source. You receive continual positive, expansive upgrades to your operating system. You care about everything and yet are detached. You trust in the unknown. You are already in paradise…you contributed to creating it by becoming it. This is how you are the solution to creating the new world. One breath at a time.

Does any of this make sense? Yes and no. But we do promise that all questions contain the answer.

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door with open. Ask and you shall receive.

We are, The Council of Light Within


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