Pave the Way with Compassion  

Beloved Ones,

The Great Awakening is happening and you have a vital role to play it these transformational times!

There are many of your brothers and sisters in fear, despair and panic…hold the greatest compassion for this state, for you have known it in the past. It is just that you are able to hold a different perspective now and so we encourage you to do so without judgement, only with an open heart filled with enough love and compassion and faith for those who do cannot find it at this time. 

The great deception is that you are separated; this is the great profound realization in the awakening, for you are more bound by the great forces of true unity in humanity than ever before. For those who are in physical isolation it is a time of reflection, to take stock inwardly, to receive insights about the bigger picture, to choose priorities and to really see what, in the external world really matters. It has been the great clarifier. Those essential workers have become the heroes of the times, finally being recognized for their true value, never to be ignored again. A great illusion has fallen now, veils of mistruth and conjuring that has kept everyone asleep. The masses were meant to continue to be oppressed, but the miraculous reverse has happened – many are waking up!

Thankfully, for those that have been waking for the last number of years, even decades, enough presence was anchored in the world that a higher consciousness could be held so strongly for this transition. It is vital that you now continue to hold the lanterns up for those who are having spontaneous awakening as a result of the outer world dissolution. The false now must fall away so that you can live in a greater truth and higher state of love and unity than ever before. As you know from your own awakening journeys, the shedding is tough. It feels traumatic and raw. The crumbling of the old is filled with big emotions spawned by fear and grief. But in the new day, a dawn comes that is brighter and more expansive and filled with new possibility. You know this, but others, now wrapped in fear, do not. So stir enough compassion and joy and excitement for the new yourself that it spills out to pave the way for those who will need it most. Your brothers and sisters are discovering, each in their own way, the magnificence of awakening. You know that it is the most courageous thing that one can do, for you have had a little practice, with more experiencing to come. 

Doesn’t the thought alone of what others individually and collectively must do – as they are forced to jump at the edge - stir deep compassion in your heart like never before? Let that spill out to catch them. Be for them what you surely had along your path. We all need each other. We all inspire each other. We all make it to our goal arm in arm. Pay it forward. 

This is a significant part of your role now, to be the strong, balanced, grounded, compassionate, peaceful, courageous light warrior leaders that you have trained to be. By your own humbling journeys, you have assimilated these divine aspects of Christ Consciousness within you. Now it is time to rise up, to emulate, to act with the same expression. It is you who are the Second Coming…each expressing, in your own unique way, the attributes of a great leader and teacher. Now is your time to shine! 

You will know what to do in each moment. By your state of being in love, each thought, gesture and word is inspired. All you need to intend is that you are a generator of what everyone so desires: strength, peace, truth, clarity, abundance, harmony, freedom, expansion, joy, love – even bliss. This is the greatest way that you can rid the planet of anything that is less than this and create the world that everyone wants. It will not come from outside of you…it comes from inside. Remember you are co-creators with the Divine, so it must come through you. The world is showing how beautifully creative it can be when inspired by love, so we just encourage you to contribute to the great streams of love that are transforming your HOME into Heaven on Mother Earth. While you’ll use your Love Warrior strength and courage often during these times - remember too, that humour, fun, celebration, dancing, music and all forms of uplifting creativity are high frequency change-makers!

And so you all contribute to creating a beautiful New Earth, heart by heart, choice by choice, step by step, all inspired by the true love and compassion that you already are.  No matter how hard the spin off of the old is in the coming times, hold what you already know to be true: LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

And so we encourage you to focus, not on the pain of the crucifixion, but on the great resurrection and transfiguration: the truth, the way and the light.

Always yours – and especially now – we are,

The Council of Light Within


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