Your Heart’s Pull

Remembering can be difficult in a fog. It is the great challenge of being human…somehow following this great yearning inside, this drive, this instinct pushing you forward, that inspires miraculous human endeavours…all borne from this omnipotent omnipresence that is like perpetual flame as delicate as a candle’s light. Incredible is the power of this seemingly little flame; the still, small voice within. And yet the wisdom and guidance and fortitude it conveys lies at the core of the human story. The universal life force energy that we all are made of, that weaves together life on Earth and beyond. This is the medium of your alchemy…to know this force intimately and to will it in divine creation for the world. So you can remember that you are that force and can also create with it just as the creator creates, that you, and the force and it may experience the edge of creation through you. We have been doing it by default since the beginning of time, but doing it consciously is what lights up the circuit board… Conscious creation is an extraordinary, humble act of a living, aware God force with hearts and hands and minds open to the fullness of all possibility. What a rush! 

This is your mission…that whatever you are doing, you are being this force in conscious, deliberate presence, remaining aware of your connection to the life force expressing itself through you. You are not alone, nor could you ever be! You are a culmination of merged energy streams of All That Is, and you have the ability and the grace to use this power to participate in the ever-evolving upliftment of the planet. This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or seemingly lofty goal; it is the culmination of all that you have ever been and all that you fully are, that you can just radiate this presence within and maintain a connection, or an emanence of it in every now moment. It will inform and inspire you constant choices; it will ensure you are living an authentic expression of the best you. It will change the world by your holding this presence. It will inspire others to know it too. It will hold peace in the midst of chaos, it will help in ways you haven’t known before. It will hold a candle in the darkness. It will be the strong, still, clear presence outside as it is for you inside…only consciousness of it draws it this strongly through you. When you are aware that you are a transmitter, a conduit, an emanator in this way, the power of its presence is magnified a thousand fold. Humility keeps it in check and working for the good. It is the negative ego that can strangle the light when it allows the little, limited self to express rather than the big, real one cloaked in humility.

And so this is your task, should you choose to accept it! You are the light of the world…go forth and multiply this light that all who are in need of greater light can use it to create greater light and on, and on. The world is in pain, and out of this pain greater light is being born. Greater awareness, greater love, greater yearning to be more and not to stop until it is expressed. Let the pull of your heart guide you to whatever action you are inspired to do to make things right, to contribute to the greater good that is uprising on the planet. You are a warrior of the heart, a member of the universal love squad. How do you begin? By simply being aware that this is who you are. The rest just happens naturally in each conscious moment after that.

We join you in the heart swell of love that all beings may be free, at peace, and living the fullness of this miraculous life, and are,

The Council of Light Within



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